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Summary of (mostly mine) signs of life threads - beings and structures etc

Macten asked for signs of life CURRENTLY existing on Mars. Some of these threads show evidence of structures which, had they been old and abandoned, would have fallen into disrepair and covered over in the time since their inhabitants left, so I reckon they are current evidence.

I have only been through the stuff mainly started by me, but there is loads of really good stuff started by others as well - in the various forums on more particular areas of investigation. Yes, of course we all tend to get carried away with our finds and see what others cannot see, but there are also things which cannot be explained away very easily. What we need is more skeptics like O'Brien and EOL who were good to argue against what we see and make us more discerning in what we post. They also brought much-needed expertise as well.

I may have started most of these threads detailed below, but going over the posts I am amazed at what we have collectively found - not just the things I have posted but the other things which have been added to each thread and the other interpretations we get from different viewpoints. Iceman has consistently been good at showing us Earthly examples of Martian evidence which helps place it into context and gives a secure 'reasonable' base from which to work (ie - is this a reasonable theory we are proposing for this 'find' ?).

Taken together, all these threads on AA show an incredible diversity of life on Mars, and I just wish that it would be acknowledged and that we were allowed to investigate it openly. Maybe we will soon.

Keeping stuff together for the future, please add comments to individual linked threads as they will be brought to the Recent Posts screen and we can see that they have been added-to recently. If you want to add extra threads for us to look at, please add to this thread with the links to the ones you want us to see.


flippered beings moving across the landscape - these appear in other images too.  (closed for some reason)

strange extra BRIGHT lights in a sol image (in spite of NASA's cameras NOT being able to pick up stars due to overexposure of the bright areas)

Speculation on whether these are humanoid images ?

Footprints/depressions in the sand


'stick' or 'finger-like' things growing out of rocks + full "footprint" view

Localised ground disturbances and evidence of regular structures and shapes

evidence of canons/guns/tubes sticking out of "rocks"

actual alien sticking its head out from a 'rock'

Shelters/homes/burrows/habitation thread

different kind of shelter with flat roof

smoke issuing from "rocks"

Small/miniature structures which would have been covered by the wind over time (if they were 'old structures')

living fungus or spherules?

Phoenix rover found these machines

MER found the same things



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