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Beginners guide to the forum
Use this forum to Introduce yourself and your interests
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FAQs, information, and forum rules
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The Planetary Truth Project...Looking at science in Promoting the work of Joseph P Skipper
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The HUB Is a notice board with up to date information, news and discussion for all things PTP.......Be sure to visit this board often!
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This is the place to discuss anything relating to Mr Skipper and his site (reports, link, comments etc.), all other member anomaly topics should be posted in the Anomalies discussion forum.
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Alien Anomalies Accolades
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Showcasing our members favourite and most popular threads
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Alien Anomalies....Mars Research- Members finds and opinions
Rocks, minerals, water, clouds, land formations
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Anything unusual that does not fit into into the other Martian topics
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Exploring theories and evidence that are not mainstream
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Anything fauna/animal or flora/plant that may be alive
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Anything that may be of intelligent design
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Images with proof of tampering, image manipulation, and imagery discussions
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Mars rovers, past and future Martian missions, technical, links to works of interest
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All evidence showing faces, symbols, statues, and animal anomalies
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Alien Anomalies....Off Topic... interests and expression
Freedom of thought, expression, and perspective.
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This is the forum for anything that you want to talk about, lots of random conversations lurk within.
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Links to websites of interest and use. please put a short description of the links you provide.
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Alien Anomalies....Evidence and opinions
Use this forum to discuss all things connected to Alien lifeforms, UFOs. sightings, and experiences.
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Use this forum to discuss Anomalies on Planets, Moon's, here on Earth, or space and time.
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Use this forum for discussion of anything to do with Space, including exploration, the solar system, constellations and stars, all things Scientific, plus News and discoveries , also alternative science, free energy.
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This forum is in recognition for the outstanding work and commitment our members bring to the community, in it will be the stongest and best of the evidence that is posted by forum members....Enjoy
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Alien Anomalies....Administration..... Announcements and feedback
If you have any feedback regarding the Forum or just wish to leave a guest book message, this is the place to post at
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When Searching for evidence we tend to collect a lot of clutter, some of it is good, some just a waste of space. and others that show little meaning to the research that is taking place may now be found in the archives.
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