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Post Info TOPIC: New theory about what we are seeing in Mars pics.

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RE: New theory about what we are seeing in Mars pics.

I agree with you. I definitely think there are images of broken machinery and bits of earlier civilisations, but also I think we see evidence of current civilisations too. I suspect that the water has somehow migrated beneath the surface which is where it is now. However, I think there are images where the water is on the surface too, but maybe it does not stay for long if it is pooled as in a lake unless the flow into that body of water is large. Skipper found some evidence of standing water and perhaps we have on here too. As an example, there are several threads showing images of water shooting out of 'holes' or large pipes in the side of cliffs etc. as well as localised blurring in images suggesting running water taken with a slower camera shutter speed.

I suspect that the Martians move the water around the surface with pipes but how they make/get those pipes I dont know. Perhaps there is a whole indistry going on underground and the surface people only trade with others on Mars for the things they need.

I dont think NASA would knowingly show us images of shells or soft chalky ground, but I do agree that if it was there I do not think they could avoid showing some images with shells etc in them. It is hard to believe that all past ocean life was soft-bodied like jellyfish and did not use the carbon in the environment to make shells, coral and other forms of protection. Unless, of course, it is mainly a non-carbon environment in which case there may be other evidence from past oceans if only we knew what we should be looking for in those types of circumstances. Silica structures perhaps?



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I will preface this with my experience of  looking at mars photos from the lander Spirit on. 

I have looked at, magnified and enhanced thousands of pictures from all the modern landers and have yet to see any evidence of indigenous ocean life anything close to earth. With theories of ancient oceans on Mars there should be at least beds of shell evidence, some type of skeletal traces or fauna fossils embedded in the rock.  Even NASA or JPL could not mask the colossal evidence that would support the theory of indigenous ocean life that could foster development of other surface life on this planet. 

 What we ARE seeing is some technical, intelligent remains of possibly more than one type of civilization.  Scattered and broken bits, some hidden by manipulation, of explorers or other visitors to this world, very possibly from a civilization from this world, in our very ancient past.  Maybe millions of years in our past. Or they could have been the explorers who helped our ancestors develop so quickly. 

Anyway I might not be the only one supporting  a theory like this but just thought I would throw it out there to see what the group thinks .  Cheers! 

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