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More on Dust Devils on Mars

In spite of everything I have said on here about dust and how it is amazing that we dont see more evidence of dust build-up around rocks , there is this huge dust devil/sand-storm which is strange and I still cannot reconcile how dust devils and no build-up around rocks. IF the whole thing is a fabricated illusion, then it is an extremely elaborate one. Why are there no trails which are left behind too? Oh.. thin Martian atmosphere. Wind is not really wind there but it is just a illusion of wind. See this one too

The length of the shadow indicates that the dust plume reaches more than 800 meters, or half a mile, in height. The tail of the plume does not trace the path of the dust devil, which had been following a steady course towards the southeast and left a bright track behind it.

The delicate arc in the plume was produced by a westerly breeze at about a 250-meter height that blew the top of the plume towards the east. The westerly winds and the draw of warmth to the south combine to guide dust devils along southeast trending paths, as indicated by the tracks of many previous dust-devils. The dust plume itself is about 30 meters in diameter.

So in fact that although the white dust (more like smoke) is blowing one way, the dust devil itself is moving another direction.

It's also interesting that this image was taken during the time of year when Mars is farthest from the Sun. Just as on Earth, Martian winds are powered by solar heating. Exposure to the sun's rays should be at a minimum during this season, yet even now, dust devils act relentlessly to clean the surface of freshly deposited dust, a little at a time.

A way-out thought - Possibly it is a conscious being moving is a conscious way and the wind is blowing it's dust/tail in a different direction to its movement?

Now, what would happen if you were caught in its path? Because the density of Mars' atmosphere is so low, even a high velocity dust devil is unlikely to knock you over. However, you might be blasted by any sand or dust particles carried along by the dust devil, which might scratch the visor of your space suit quickly if you were caught outside by this monster!

This vortex left behind a bright track as its winds disturbed the dust-covered surface, tracing the path of the dust devil from the northwest towards the southeast. A dust "skirt" twice as wide as the plume itself is seen near the base of the dust devil, but the bright track is the size of the plume and not the skirt. Dozens of smaller dust devils were also spotted in the same Context Camera scene, steadily vacuuming the surface and pumping dust up into the Martian atmosphere.

From this it would seem that there is a signifcant amount of dust moved about in these dust storms, but where is the evidence in the images of Mars? Behind each rock or boulder, there SHOULD be a dip or depression left by the wind and in front of each rock there SHOULD be a pile of dust.



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