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RE: Theory about food supply

Theory about food supply;
qmantoo Hi, this is a sensible ideas. As preparation for the Apollo program was some astronauts sent to Iceland because there is that they thought possible to find similar conditions as on the Moon.

I sent you some photos and hope you can use them.









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Anybody that knows me here knows I'm against the (LPT) Little People Theory, HOWEVER, being and open minded scientist at heart, I cannot logically rule this theory out until it has been dis proven, therefore, fare game.
Going along with it....

Yes, I would agree that if trying to proof the (LPT) some major issues need to be addressed, this is one of them.

If we are to try and layout some framework for this, we must first put aside our "known" earth thinking of what "food" actually is. By this, I mean it would be perfectly logical to assume everything is "food" until ruled out otherwise. Of course we are limited by the means at our disposal,for proving or disproving, but all methods of (in our words)consumption must be considered.

For instance, Like ants...they get there hydration from the earth in which they burrow.

As Q has said, there very well could be some underground type of culture or whatever that could conceivably feed them.

Another idea could conceivably be to digest raw sand-soil elements to receive the nutrients they need like worms or grubs...that never come out of the ground. Now, in my own opinion, if that were the case...I think their shape or figure would in fact be more snake like or worm like for this method of consumption--This is of course going against the LPT as the general consensus seems to be that they are humanoid in shape---due to all the "faces" and "heads" that seem to be around.
It would also prove to be very difficult to build these "structures" and "machines" without any hands....or feet for that matter.

Now one major issue I have with the whole under ground dwelling thing is this. If you have everr looked at an ant hill....there is a hill there becasue the dug up earth has to go somewhere right? So. we should be seeing ant hill type mounds out side or aroud these habitats.....(did I just call it a habitat).Man...u guys are growing on me.....There should be some kind of waste or dug up soil from these passage ways so to speak....Then agian one could argue that the "wind" blows it all away...right?

It is very difficult to try and GUESS what could or could not be "food" when we are talking about aliens.......But, I am also a man of mother nature, and I would like to think that She(mother nature) doesn't make things more complicated than what they need to be...By this statement I mean that I think it is logicall to approximate alien life forms shapes as per there inviroment...i.e.   Things that fly will generally have wings, here on earth or any atmospheric planet.....things that swim will generally have fins or tails so to speak....u get the point.

I hate using the word assuming as it just makes the person seem less creditable...but here we have no choice ...right.

Just my 2cents on the matterashamed

Get your facts first....Then you can distort them all you please.

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I have this theory and it is just forming so dont shoot me down yet, but... I think that there are mini-caves inside rocks that provide a sheltered environment for growing lichens and algae and other small plants.

Maybe they do not need light to grow but just need something else. After all, ant hills and termites cultivate stuff in their mounds.

Some of the pictures from the RAT (Rock Abrasion Tool) appear to have taken the top off some spaces inside rocks and there are areas of darker material which could be this plant /fungus life.
See here

Software Pyrate was asking what they do for food etc? Well, this theory would address that for some of the inhabitants.



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