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Post Info TOPIC: Preview to upcoming post - More buildings, statues found on Mars and a possible rock climber...maybe

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RE: Preview to upcoming post - More buildings, statues found on Mars and a possible rock climber...maybe
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Amazing. Great find.
Did some processing on one of your images, inspecting this black dot. Name of free cave climber is Joe Coco Nut, or Joe Coco Nuts, not yet shure on that. Needs some further investigation. He had had three coconuts for breakfast. Broken shells are clearly visible on cave floor.
Have you recognized he`s only one and a half inches tall and seems to be wearing some sort of cowboy or farmer hat ?
 Seems we finally use the same technics for investigation.
More to come....

New, new !.jpg

Martian cave climber ( free climbing).


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oops! for got image


The predominant tampering underneath view may be hiding struts to support the structure.


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Hi havick007, been at work and attending ny little one.. enough of that.. Nice images.. especially the last one.. The bridge in bottom left is interesting. A lot of tampering on either side.. really nice.



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Hi All,

I am posting preview to a post i have been working on. I found an interesting area using the MOC images and have found an incredible number of objects in this local area. When i post the main thread i will provide location details and raw image links as well. This is just a preview.
The images i am posting are from one raw image and i still have 8 to go with many many more features of interest. The area is also on the side of Crater which is why it appears to rocky and with many cliff's etc.

Enjoy the pics all.


Notice the very center, resembles an egyptian style head or statue ( although eroded ) To the left a head similar to the Easter Island heads and to the right some possible small structures.


Another Easter island style head some more possible structures and odd shapes.


More possible structure or ruins, note the scale of the area with building is similar to the size of a small town.


More possible structures again, also notice the arrows and the very noticable shapes.Fullscreen%20capture%2023042010%2030600%20AM.bmp.jpg

close up of previous shot.


A very long structure that appears to be built in the cliff walls. I have pointed the relevant shapes.


Close up.


Same as above with inverted colour.

The next series are more possible structures:







And lasty, i have to shot's that kinda dont make sense, but i wont caption yet, they are kinda highlighted anyway, but id rather some opinion before i give mine. ( Although i did hint toward it in the title :) still it does seem unlikely.



This one above was right at the edge of the pic so i couldn't see anyore but i will chase it down soon. At the top of the arrow going up i swear it looks like a little man in that cave looking up at shelving or something inside the cave.

As i said this is a small portion of what is in the 8 raws i have to go through, i will most likely miss pinting alot of stuff because there is alot. I may have found remains of small city but more on that soon.


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