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Post Info TOPIC: Javascript image reconstruction, Image slicing - shows shadow areas.

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Javascript image reconstruction, Image slicing - shows shadow areas.

Today I have finally got an image project kind-of finished which I have been tinkering with for a long time. I tried to do it before but not like this.

I wanted to see if I could slice an image into pieces and reconstruct it according to the slices I wanted to 'turn on' and 'turn off'. I had an idea it might give some new insights into some of the images I have been looking at.

The trouble is, it is space and processing intensive because the images have to be processed and split into 5 greyscale values each, so the first one has greyscale values from 0-5, the second from 5-10 and so on up to 60. After that greyscale value things are not really in the shadows any more.

So, if you need your image sliced up send me a message and I will do it for you on my machine and put it on the website so you can play with it.
Try and make the size reasonable so that it will fit on the screen so something less than about 700 x 700 and PNGs are probably best or JPGs if not possible.

The program currently crudely multiplies the grey value by 3 but this will probably change as the program evolves. The idea was to make the darker values lighter so they can be seen easier. As an example a grey value of 5 will end up as 15 and 50 as 150 which is pretty bright as you will see.

You turn on/off the layers by clicking the checkboxes on the left side of the screen. Place the test image in the URL after the ?id=
I give an example at the bottom of the webpage. The 'composite' image is the base image plus all the slices included but if you want a few only, then you will have to take a screen capture of the one you have created as it uses Javascript.

Let me know if you have ideas how this can be made better and I will see what I can do.
The test program is here Give it a try.



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