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TOPIC: The Mars Man and The Real Face of Mars Revealed

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RE: The Mars Man and The Real Face of Mars Revealed


Putting this bluntly, this forum exists to showcase anomalies and it does not exist to be link generator for your site and Youtube.

So maybe you be a little sensitive to other websites like this and realise that we are all here to spread the word. As this is only your second post, it would be good if you started off by following the format we all tend to use which is to post images, say what you think is anomalous in those images and then post references to the official NASA JPL, etc images.

There is so much rubbish on Youtube that links to that are virtually worthless and people want to download the image for themselves to examine it in their own software if they are interested. I am not saying that your youtube references are rubbish, but I am saying that many Youtube videos are doctored and manipulated, as I am sure you will agree.

After a while and a few more posts, it maybe acceptable to have a link back to your relevant site which can offer members other opinions and options and hopefully add to their Mars anomaly hunting experience. You and I both get spammers on our sites every day -  and so does every site, so this is why I mention this. As a new member, "Sensitivity" is the keyword here.

I am sure you have something relevant to show us, but please post links to the official photos and articles so that we can follow up your post and try to add extra evidence to your anomaly.

We look forward to your interesting anomalies.



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Welcome Mars Man. Sadly your images are not visible, please post in a format that the host accepts.



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Mars Discovery Revealed

The beginning frame for these slide shows are images

directly from Nasa image database. No manipulation

has been made besides mirroring the image of Mars

and rotating it 90 degrees counter clockwise.

Please leave comments, thoughts, and theories.

Truly a time of awakening!

Casey M. Hougak


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