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Teaching the truth

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RE: Theory of Time

What is the reason you use so many colours and such strange language? If you want this read, then you should use everyday language. If this is received from Supreme, then how do you know that your source has no agenda when presenting this information. You should ALWAYS challenge your source.




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TheWatcher wrote:

Agreed... Couldn't get past the heading and got bored. I  felt the message was shouting due to lack of any true attention. Shocking lack of self-awareness when it comes to more than author reading text!

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 Sadly I did read the post , and I was shocked with the authors claims that engineered crystalline lifeforms are created to be a memory stick, we at Alien anomalies believe in freedom of speech, expression, and choice for all lifeforms. and we demand that the crystalline lifeforms be set free immediately and relocated to a world of their choosing. 


"Creating a fiction when stating a fact destroys the credibility of the truth one are trying to convey"


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Agreed... Couldn't get past the heading and got bored. I  felt the message was shouting due to lack of any true attention. Shocking lack of self-awareness when it comes to more than author reading text!

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HENRI BERGSON, Matter and Memory

One has not only an ability to perceive the world but an ability to alter one's perception of it; more simply, one can change things by the manner in which one looks at them.

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  • I dont need a crystal to store 40,000 books. I have a 32GB USB drive.



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World Formation

                 Author's preface This book, as follows from its content, will be very negatively perceived by scientists of planet Earth, as their limit of knowledge of  Cosmic World is at the level of one billionth of one percent of the knowledge about World Formation. Many aspects of the structure of World Formation and the functioning of the planet are at variance with the shaky system of pseudo-scientific perception of the human race, as their environment as the structure of World formation.

      Material in this book relegates many scientific theories to the level of fairy tales for children, describing the unknown phenomena. However, this book is intended for races of the Universe that can learn from it information assistive to their further development.

     Race of people unable to understand the theories presented in this book, and the chapter "To Look into the Future" is aimed solely at educating people of planet Earth and designed to help the race of people in the development and understanding of the functioning fundamentals of the Galaxy.

      Considering the size of the Universe, which includes 4.85 million galaxies, planet Earth is not more than a grain of sand, so the perception of the external environment on it is difficult. Races of this galaxy highly promote development of the human race, but they realize that the time of reasonable activity has not yet come, because for 80% of the world's population the basic parameters of life are greed, stupidity, aggression leading to destruction of the human race.

     Earth's scientists incorrectly interpret information about their star system and the structure of our own planet. In many ways this information is distorted by alien races, because getting information about really current events on planet Earth and in the solar system would have led to the formation of another structure of civilization. And at this stage this information in full may lead to the collapse of Earth's civilization.

     In the book described many sectors of the galaxy. Because of the particularity of solar system, Earth's scientists perceiving the individual sectors of galactic as galaxies of different types. Knowledge of the human race on own galaxy is minimal, and in general, are not much different from simply admiring the stars and the writing of myths about them.

     Galaxy in which we live, belongs to the category of small moderately, in particular its structure and dimensions given in the theories presented in the Book, and in the continuation of the Book, which will be described more detailed theories of the structure of galaxies and the Universe.

     This book, which describes the structure of the galaxy and the Universe in general, is only the prelude to the second Book, which will focus on more deeper aspects of the functioning programs of Universe and of World Formation as a whole, and in lesser degree - the problems of the human race, if their perception can processing information filled in the first book.

     Second book is intended for races of the Universe, which will be developed according to the concept presented in this book, and in the next. The information contained in second book will address to solution of problems accordingly existence of different paradigms, as well as to counteraction of rival communities as in this galaxy as in the Universe.

     Problems of balance and development of different civilizations are leading in this Universe, because its conditions are extreme polar. Value of first book in the early submission - is information about the real state of the structure of the Galaxy and the Universe.

     Second book will be a tool for the successful operation according to conditions of the formation of data structures and describe consistent objective laws in functioning of systems inside the Galaxy and the Universe as a whole.

     In first book the conflicts of civilizations, caused by changes of cycling matters, identified only superficially. Conflicts at the level of the Universe only marked.

     Second book will provide more material on these issues and be able to help a number of civilizations escape the crisis and keep the mind and influence.


     Due to the fact that the Book contains very complicated terminology - all who are willing to help with a good translation of the Book, please contact the representative of RCSPF. We hope to find volunteers who will help for world community to learn about scientific movement of RCSPF and with a good translation of the book into other languages, reflecting the present and the future of planet Earth.

     Then you can become active members of the Centre and to influence on current events.



   Theory of Time

Time – is an Energy Reason (Cosmic Mind), construct of Primary Matter (substance), of the space-time continuum, a mental projection of virtual consciousness of the reality.
     Reason of Time - this is the highest and perfect level of Life, energy substance able to control everything in this World formation. Time Reason is the Creator of all major and minor matters of which consists New formation, called life.
     Time - this is the basic construct of the World formation and as New formation of the Cosmic Universe, is a form of life. But there are billions of World formations where Time is not a form of life.
Time - this is an energy substance, consisting of 60 primary energies that interact with each other. Each of the primary energies is composed of 60 types of matters. I will name just a few - it is matter of Reality and Irreality, matter of Light and Darkness, matter of Space, which is located within matter of Time.
     Time - this is the main substance that makes up the entire World formation of Cosmos.

Time, as energy Reason, has several properties that are not available  for constructslocated at the level of structure of the matter.
     Time, as one of the elements of World Formation, has the properties that determine the form. The construct of World Formation, as a construct of matter is closed and its matrix corresponds to the matrix of World Formation, so the functioning is so not similar in their properties and the phenomenon exists on different principles. Giving an analogy from the earthly world's perception of things can be said that sunlight - is not only light and heat for a one planet. The sun, as a star, has many not connected to the land properties. Thus, a Time as a form's generator, is only indirectly related to the specific matrix construct.
      The Energy Reason is understood as a set of energies that have the property of self-regulation and self-comfort. Energy Reason, a set of energy involves a few specific groups united by common energy parameters, which together form a self-regulating unity.
      An Energy Reason
is a separate projection of Primary construct forming the World Formation.This World Formation consists of billions different constructs. The basic constructs of given World Formation, which combines many small constructs,are Time, Space, and Energy. Similar names naturally too generalized, but express the essence of their functions. So a Time is a formative construct, Space – is a content form, an Energy performs the function of the interaction.
One of the properties of an Energy Reason is possibility of receiving and processing of information that coming
from other Energy Reasons, forming a World Formation.
It should be noted here that the concept of time taken in the context of given cosmic World Formation, with all its inherent characteristics. Accordingly, a
Time, as one of the main elements of this World Formation, has the function of regulation along with Reason of Space and Reason of Energy.

     Feature of the Energy of Time Reason is related to its function of changes in space matters, because in result of the interaction of these matters becomes their mutual deformation.
     Time is a quasi variable construct according to the functioning program of this World Formation.
Energy Reason of Time produces deformation of Primary Matter of the space, also making changes in himself (itself). Primary Matter of Space is composed of many kinds of substances.

Construct of Time in this World Formation has a progressive function, aimed at self-renewing programs, because of it
the most of the forms of life are subjected to the processes of birth and death, which lead to removability of  information's carriers and increases the mutagenic threshold. But there are forms of life that are not subjected to birth and death on the 12-th Cosmic Level and in this Cosmic World Formation.
     Aspect of time is not so important. Birth and death are forms of existence and new formation of individual entity. Absence of change of individual entity means absence of the phenomenon of birth and death. It is forming cyclicality of existence.

     At 12-th Level, there are forms of life that have a closed cycle of life. In the concept of inhabitants of planet Earth – this is eternal existence with constant self-awareness and a single personality construct. These life forms are stable and unaffected by changes in Entity. Matter of Time affects them, but these changes do not destroy these forms and therefore, from the point of view of inhabitants of the Earth, their existence is indefinite.

     Time as Energy Reason (Cosmic Intellect) has property of random changes in level of deformation.In simplified definitions, we can say that Energy Reason of Time may vary, affecting the matter, depending on level of the incoming information.

     Time in given Universe - is a special state of Matter, which is one of the basic principles of its operation.
     Given Universe is in the flow of the matrix changes. This is one of the main places of influence of Time matter. The construct of given Universe created in such a way that Time Matter is an essential factor in its existence. There are Universes where Time matter is not necessary factor in its existence.
Matrix changes of the matter of spaces, occur under influence of Time, are the main form of functioning in given Universe. There are aspects of removability of the information carrier that enable for Time Matter, with faster making of encoding, compared to the other variants of function of Universes in World Formation.
Time within given Universe has different properties and able to change its properties. Time has opportunity not in the same way to influence on matter of space, resulting to not simultaneous changes. This is reflected in the difference between the changes of matter, locatedon subjectively small parts.
Thus, process of changes that perceived by beings in the given Universe as the Time is not uniform.

     Tame as a Matter, which has its own structure, in this Universehas the property of splitting and even the possibility of the sharing of parts.
Influence of Time Matter can do not influence on Space matter at all. Thus, certain parts of space are isolated, and there are no changes there.

     Implementation of uneven influence of Time Matter is unique within given Level of this World Formation.
     The Universe where is situating planet Earth, equipped withlacuns (gaps) of time with the purpose.(Lacun - a blank area)
     For formation of the Universe that can accommodate Primary Energy sources are necessary parts of complete immutability.
Thus, Time as a source of constant renewal of Space matter, considering uneven impact in the Universe, performs the function of its development. However, impact of Time matter on the 12-th Level of the World Formation so intense that this levelis transforming, not providing consistency.
Time does its destructive function
, and impossibility of restoring the Matter of spaceleads to destruction of the World Formation.
     Function of changes in the structure is one of the main functions of time. Abstracting from the particular case of the Universe and of the World Formation, we can say that
Time is a factor in the formation of World  Structure. Different influences on different World Formations and structure elements, leads to the destruction of the structure and change their properties.
The property of Time, is the reason and basis for organization of different Realities.
The main feature of Time - is its immutability and movement directional and progressive. This refers to the uniformity of Time matter, taking the form of matter, which characterizing specific of concrete World Formation. The motion of the matter is directed steadily in the sense that even presence of the sleeves of Time and periods of lower density does not lead to a lack of influence, but only a smaller number of changes.
Immutability and movement of Time forward, is the basis of the existence of given Cosmic World Formation, because true motion in this Cosmic World Formation - is only motion of the Matter of Time, which leads to the changes and the continued existence of different forms.
In this sense, Time is the form and structure forming a constant of given Cosmic World Formation.
      Life as a process and the phenomenon of beings of given Cosmic World Structure, is not possible without the accumulation of changes, leading to the movement.
Immutability in given World Formation - is absence of self-organization of the Reason, Life and even Death. That is to say, the area of ​​non-existence.
     Time is the thread on which, like beads hanging this material Universe. Effect of Time on the Universe is irreversible, but in the Universe may be periods of lower density, in which the changes are not so strong.
Presence of arms with different densities of Time - is a cyclic process of the Universe, is in changes of Time Matter and the basic structure of the polar matter of Space.
So, in this book we see the matter of Irreality (unreal) as a matter  organizing an arm of lower density, which is forming
in results from the structural features of the Irreality matter at this stage, when the structure of Glosses, its component, capable of transmitting Time Matter with minimal deformation.

     At this stage influence of Time matter on Reality matter leading to changes the composition of the Glosses of Realitymatter for more freely passing of Time matter.
The same thing happens with the Matter of Darkness and Light. Cyclical changes of sleeves with higher and lower density are different for Quant and Quark matters.
Quant matter changes over the period, is hardly explainable in definitions of the Earth, about
three billion Google. During this time, given Universe fully will change the concept of existence.
Change of poles in Darkness matter and Light matter under influence of Time are well illustrated on example of the Galaxy of Solar system, which each billion years undergoing a cycle of destruction
caused by change of the poles. This means that the dominant becomes Light matter, on which minimally affects Time matter, practically not destroying its structure.
Dark matter subjects to change and therefore its properties are in the latent phase.Usually this period in the galaxy of planet Earth and Solar system, is a phase of open conflict between the races with different concepts of existence.
     Activation of the Light matter leads to wars, destroying most of the races. The subsequent period - functional recovery of Darkness matter - leads to the formation and development of new races.
From a physical point of view, the Time - a purposeful flow of energy moving only in one direction and working on tiny particles that make up atoms, changing their structure and relationships.
Time, depending on its density and composition of intersected matter, in different ways affects the objects of influence.
Time is discrete, and in fact has no limits and reference points.The lack of benchmarks shows the completed infinite loop.(Discreteness - is integrity, which has no clear shape, gradation and level).
Effect of time absolute and speed of influence on an object depends on density of a temporary matter. The universe has several zones of different Time density. These zones, it is, as described above, an area of changes in Space matter by means of Time matter. The influence of time on the matter of the areas is different because of their different structures, that more or less let passthe matter of time without damage to their own structures. Density in this case - is the number of changesin the segments of matterunder influence of Time.
Density of Time matter determined by destruction's speed of basic molecules that is the basis of the universe. These basic molecules - are segments of Space matter influence on which by means of Time matter leads to a change in their structures, that is, to factual destruction.

     Thus, with motion Time matter knocks Glosses from the usual structures, building new structures according to alternative or base model. This effect depends on the existing structure and density in this case - a quantitative indicator of destruction.

     Time destroys this universe, but after changing the functioning of the universe and its galaxies, they will be in a different quolity and type, being exposed to the same influence of time.

     The density of time is least in areas of Irrealities, where influence the weakest.

     Within this universe there is defined rhythm of changes of dominant factors of the material and irreal by the impact of Time energy on the universe. These changes lead to different schemes of galaxies and the universe's changes.

     Through some amount of Time matter galaxy and universe going through the changing stage of reality on irreality, and later going reverse process.

     By the amount of time matter is meant the numerical number of segments of Time matter that affect the matrix model of the universe, leading to complete change of the poles of matter. This is quite exact number, but within this Universe clear numerical number can not be identified by the individual, which is situated below the first three Cosmic Levels. In other words, the amount of time matter - is a unit segment, the passage of which changes the Universe, and the poles of its matter.

     Because in zones of irrealities dense of time matter is lesser, then Realities' zone at greater pressure of time and in process the zones are changing. This happens since the creation of the universe.

     Thus, Time has a factor of changes. In general, it can be compared, using the analogy of the Earth, with the substance, being under the constant influence of X-rays, or radiation, which changes the composition of the irradiated material, constantly transforming it but, at the same time, do not destroy.

     Time density in this galaxy is 4.5 on a 10-point scale.

     Density of Time equals to the ratio of density of Irreality matter and the product of this ratio by a factor of their interaction. Thus, the density of time in areas of the universe, called the Galaxy, depends on factors such as the distribution of Reality and Irreality matters.

     In this galaxy, where the zone of pure Irreality matter is two-tenths, and considering the interaction with Irrealities of another Galaxies, coefficient of Irreality and Reality interaction tends to be minimized. However, its indicator allows to Time to work in a complex, not making sleeves.

     The sleeves of Time – are zones of various influence and changes in the density of Time matter in relation to the matter of Reality and Irreality.

     The concepts of past, present and future in this galaxy is description of  different phases, but it concerns not over the flow of time, but changes of matter, which is affected.

     The past is the state of matter, which has been changed. Example. Perception of human consciousness in the presence of some material object, such as a biological shell of man, comparable for humans with childhood stage - that is the maximum past, which can't been returned. Every second in a person's biological shell, including its analyzer system happen a series of changes, which in general can identify this man as a new individual. There is not return to a previous state, and can't be, as the accumulation of information, fixed by the analyzing system and cellular memory of the body, has already happened and launched new processes, new information is perceived. Because of it formation of the human's body, especially in the early stages of existence, bears the imprint of development and influence of time is a positive development.

     Past - it is nothing more than memory of what happened. Basic experience of the past is preserved in the structure of spatial constructs for better adaption.

     The future, as matter of fact, does not exist to, because it is a subjective component of thinking, for more comfortable reflection of change.

     The future exists as a set of proposed changes. Considering the galaxy solar system - the races, that survived several cycles of destruction, know, that is they expecting re-occurrence of conflict between different conceptions of existence.

     The fact of change and the gradual accumulation of changes that lead to this result is their vision of the future, which is an undeniable fact for them. More simply – Trafans' race, Megara's race know exactly that changes accumulated in the galaxy will lead in a few thousand years to war between the League and Pirates' Corporation.

     However, changing of the pole of leading quantum matter not necessarily will lead exactly to the war. Activation of energy and matter of Light can lead not only to aggression, but also to more effective cohesion policy. For example, in result of destruction of entire cycle – all Galaxy of solar system will turn into Pirate Galaxy of races seeking to expand into the Universe, or lead to the development of the Galactic League in technology toward enhancing of mental control and change the concept of pirate's races on concept of non-interference, which in its turn will lead to stagnation and gradual degeneration.

     Absence of the future as optical thing, cyclical change of Light and Darkness matter within this Galaxy will lead to change of Light matter, which activates basic functions. However, real reflection of the process, has a number of options in galaxy, each of which can be executed and will be performed in different realities.

     Different current of Time provides an opportunity to create an infinite number of realities and alternative events.

     Travel in Time is only moving through breakthroughs in the area of ​​the Reality border into zone of another Reality with other influence on events.

     The future equals to the past, because it is only a further way of interaction between matter of Galaxy and matter of Time. Therefore, these concepts are subjective and are just adapting of creatures' perception in the Galaxy to the processes taking place in it and in the Universe.

     This is not Time affects events and changes in the galaxy, but the program of the Galaxy's functioning does.

     Past - is a set of modified particles of matter in the Universe in result of influence of Time.

     Present – is clash of two matters: Matter of Time and Matter of Universe.

     The essence of this process can be explained by returning to the analogy considered in explaining the properties of Time in the Universe.

     Time - this is the thread on which as a beads is situating the universe. Bead is stationary, moving only the thread of Time, which is changing the composition of matter of the universe. Thus, concept of the past and the future – is only adaptive understanding of the galaxy for better perception of its laws.

     Time's density in this galaxy is the same in all sectors, and equals to 4.5 units. The only anomalous area is Solar system.

     Solar system is an area of ​​high content of Irreality matter (the space filled with matter of Darkness). The limits of this matter are protective barrier around Solar system, which is partly distorting observations of terrestrial astronomers and astrophysicists, as it is area of ​​the Otherworld.

     From the Earth to the star, which humans call Sirius, according to calculations of astrophysicists has distance of six light-years. In reality - the distance will be only ninety Light days.

     Within Solar system matter the density of Time matter is 2.3 units. It also affects a component such as impact of Time matter on living systems that move on speed, which is unusual for their metabolism.

     Living creature In this Galaxy, that moves with uncharacteristic for its metabolism speed shall be destroyed due to the increasing of Time density, that affect the body.

     The formula of increasing of Time density is as follows. The coefficient of increasing equals to speed of the living entity's metabolism multiplied by the acceleration and the ratio of the product to the mass of the object. Given coefficient increases the density of Time matter, affecting the creature that moving, or on its aerial vehicles.

     For comparison, the creature at average speed of 60 km per hour, on a spaceship moves with acceleration that equals to 40 km per second, and with the mass of the ship 10 tons. Time density in relation to this being will change from 4.5 to 4.8 units, which will lead, in case of expectancy of the creatures' life in 100 years, to loss of four years of living in a two-day trip.

     This effect is known to technologically advanced races of given Galaxy and most of them use shields to move in space. Almost every alien race it differs in composition, but these screens have particles of Irreality matter, often intuitively found in result of many studies.

     A particular advantage when moving in space have civilizations of biotechnology, because of their space ships – are live objects, and therefore, they have particles of  Irreality matter, or created in result of living systems, what also lead to the inclusion of the part of Irreality matter in their composition .

     However, rule of speed increase affects the length of life not only in Cosmos, but also on the surface of planets.

     Within the Solar system, where Time has a much lower density, impact during acceleration is also lower. A concrete example can be earthly life of astronauts. Six-month stay on the space station takes away four years of life. In case of flight of astronauts from solar system without usage of protective screens - "reflector of time," a representative of human race in a month will age for 25 years. So damaging effects of time will have an impact on the spacecraft.

     The speed of Light in solar system is 300,000 km / sec. Outside solar system, it is quite different because of the density and equals to

560,000 km / sec.

     Increase of light speed, despite an increase in the density of Time matter, explains due to the properties of energy and wave nature of light. Speed ​​of light in vacuum (500,000 km / s) is known to scientists of planet Earth and is valid only in solar system.

     Lower density of Time and large percentage of Irreality matter in solar system, alters the current of natural processes in organisms of alien creatures. The impact of Time matter on their bodies increases. Because they are not a part of this world, they concentrating on themselves a greater density of time as the matter of Irreality not built into them initially.

     Acceleration in excess of the natural process of metabolism on the Earth that is the same as in the whole galaxy, resulting in reduced life and more rapid destruction of organisms.

     Thus, movement in a vehicle at a speed exceeding 60 km / h, shortens the life of the body in an one hour for two minutes.

     Movement at a speed of over 100 km / h, shortens the life of the body for three and a half minutes in an hour of movement.

     Flights can be distributed as follows. Passenger planes developing high speed of 800 km / h, causing to lose 25 minutes of life of its passengers for an hour flight.

     Supersonic flights fulfilled by company Concord, lead to loss of life of 42 minutes in an hour. Time density in this case is applied to the influence on the molecular structure of human body, which leads to further its destruction.

     Military supersonic aircraft pilots are depriving themselves one and a half hour life for one hour of flight. With every flight biodegradation is increasing and the pilot which has 100 hours of flying time, losing 13 days of his life.

     The impact of space travel is also huge. The intersection of the Earth's atmosphere takes a week of average life astronaut's body, located in delivery shuttle.


Formula to increase the density of time is as follows

ςσΘ = ςσΨ / ΕΔ • [Ζ]

ςσ - density ratio is equal to the ratio of density of space, related to the speed of change of space, multiplied by the unit matrix parameter (the ratio of matter).


     Influence of Time matter, as noted above, changes depending on the matter that includes object of influence. On planet Earth, some things have ability to resist destruction caused by matter of Time, affecting the preservation of items of archaeological value.

     Factor that reduces density of Time, is the presence of Irreality matter presenting in these things.

     There is an expression between people that work in the creation of the master receive the soul. In fact, a high level of empathy creates response in the information system of the Earth, affects the race of Creators, who control Irreality, and this Race puts in the work part of Irreal, that changes the density of Time effect.

     Remains of animals in the soil, are not equally susceptible to Time. This effect depends on the inclusion of Irreality matter in them. In general, Irreality matter - it is the only component that can mitigate the effect of time.

     It is practically impossible to describe speed of Time on Reality, Irreality, and on this Galaxy, the Universe, and on the 12th level of World Formation, given the fact that in the conceptual apparatus of the creatures of given Cosmic World formation, the speed - is a value that depends on Time. Explanations applying different system of perception, can not be realized in full scale. In this way, the speed of time dispersion depends on the feature of change, that practically impossible to reflect, because of it is the value of qualitative, not quantitative.


     The described above - is just introductory material, allows to get an description of ​​the general principles of Time effect on this Universe.

     Schematic presentation of the theory would have taken 40 books of 1000 pages each one.

     The full description of Time theory in expanded form will be 400,000 of these books.

     Galactic League keeps information in alive Crystals and 400,000 books will fill the memory only of one alive crystal. Alive Crystal - is artificially grown form of life to store information...

Live and learn!
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