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Stargates on the Earth. Henrok race.


                   Stargates on the Earth.
                            Henrok race.

          Henrok – is colonizers' race which exists in our galaxy so far. In general this race is human-shape, the difference is at least 2.5 meters in height. Skin covers plastic chitin brown plates. They are beings from another Galaxy. The main activity is colonization and depletion of the base resource of planets.
          First of all, for the successful development of the civilization they need materials to build bases and space ships. For this can serve as analogues of the Earth materials, including radioactive materials, as the combination of inert gases and complex hydrocarbons. Stay of race Henrok on seized planet is not more than three years.
With the development of civilization and population growth, this race often seize a star systems, draining them and making unsuitable for further development of colloidal forms of life. Thus, they have reached our galaxy to. They invaded its borders by huge armada, composed of more than 10 000 warships. The size of the smallest of them up to 10 km.
          Highly developed races, which are in their development at the energy level, such as race of Trafans, could not permit such a large pirate race staying in the galaxy, and made it so the space fleet of Henrok got into a antimatter zone, consisting of clusters of dark matter, which has made it impossible to move and coordinating. Matter absorbs the ships, and they were scattered throughout the galaxy.
Dark matter has caused serious damage to Henroks' ships, and they were unable to rebuild their fleet and its fighting ability. With gates Henrok could move to dispersed ships, but it could lead to the restoration of their former power.
          A cruel joke with this race played a feeling of omnipotence, acquired during the Millennium of planets' plunder. The possibility of contact with other races hampered by the inability of Henroks conduct diplomatic negotiations. They talk from position of power and threats and were destroyed by other races. As a result, survived remained two hundredths of one percent of this race. The remaining few individuals could to escape from persecution and destruction on the repaired vehicle. In 300 individuals, they were able to leave this galaxy and colonized the planet, suitable for chemical and physical parameters of their biological regeneration and there rebuild their civilization.
          In an emergency order to planet Earth landed three spacecraft of Henrok. One of them was on the Australian continent. Two other vessels were in the South and the North Pole.
Planet Earth was inhabited by primitive tribes, but Henrok quickly found that they are not the only aliens on this planet, and came into contact with race of Uriya, which has colonized this planet for thousands of years, but in terms of technical development was much lower than the newcomers. Henrok began to talk from position of strength and set the conditions. They wanted to use race of Uriya as a slaves, using them to achieve recovery of spacecraft and destroy the planet's inhabitants. Uriya race, whose descendants were the world's population, has decided that it would be easier to destroy such aggressive race and during the war the majority of Henrok individuals were destroyed, the others could to escape through space portals to other worlds, and all leave planet Earth.
          Race of Uriya used up leftover of spaceships for creation of bases. Heritably they received the Gates which have been requested. Technical knowledge, which is the true wealth of race Henrok were extracted by intelligent races of their genetic code. This helped in the study of the gates and the way they work.
          Local tribes of Australian continent worshiped the heavenly inhabitants and were very afraid of them. Over time, the tribes became more numerous and more aggressive. Race Uriya had no desire to respond to their aggression by total destruction. The base was transferred to the American continent in the desolate mountains of state Montana.
 Thanks to Henrok race in our galaxy there are stargate of more than 10 000. The gates are used a few races. All the gates are controlled by race of Trafans. All three bases, till now are situated in these locations.
          Appearance of the film "Stargates" on movie screens, as well as many other films of space fiction - is psychological preparation inhabitants of planet Earth to the fact that theirs origin not from a monkey, and they are not a single human race in space. The idea of ​​creating such a film belongs to aliens, but all of the events in this film - the talented fiction of writers.
Alien base, located in the mountains of Montana and is well camouflaged in the depths of the mountain. I will not say more about the structure of the database and its size, as in each reality they have serious
differences, and what is written, is reflected in all realities and their reflections. But there is common and constant information for all realities. On the bases there are representatives of many races and main direction of scientific representatives of these races is to introduce the gene of Henrok race into the body and the possibility of creating new gates.
          Technical knowledge learned from the genetic code of Henrok, have not been studied yet. Attempt to create their gates ended by their destruction and deformation of space. Henrok gene presents in all the gates and the one who does not have this gene will not be able to use the gate. Only a few could to implant genome of race Henrok.
On all three bases are present humans as guinea. There is elaboration of the possibility to add genome of Henrok in their genetic code, but perhaps it will remain only an attempt. In case of success, the future of humans' civilization can be radically reversed.
          About existence of the Stargates on the Earth do know no government and even such powerful organizations as Shadow government in Russia and the "Global" in the U.S. The leaders of such organizations as the "Triad" and "Yakuza" know of the many alien races on planet Earth and of the Stargates.          

          On the moon have been appeared two large bases - "Alpha" and "Beta", built by alien races and the representatives of the human race               website:

Live and learn!
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