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The road to know-where revisited

Firstly, I must apologise to everyone for my extremely long absence from the forum.

I am sure that you will all understand me when I say that there are times when the 'real' world intervenes and the sad realities of caring for yourself and loved ones takes precedence over everything else. Not being here, however, does not mean that I am not thinking about the issues we have all raised or the evidence we have collected.

When Xenon started the forum  it was as a support to Skippers site and a platform to post anomalies of our own. A small group of dedicated anomaly-hunters blazed the way, bravely posting and putting themselves 'out there' with ideas and theories. At a point, we must have hit some nerves because we suddenly had a lot of disinformation agents showing up and causing chaos and dissension.

Then I think we hit critical mass, where the evidence just outweighed the critics, we have some amazing evidence on this site from some of the best anomaly hunters out there. This evidence needs to be organised and I had offered to do that and still intend on doing it one day when my time is my own again.

The world has changed dramatically since this site began. Our ‘crazy’ theories and evidence we were posting now seem to be accepted as run-of-the-mill. Excellent television shows like ‘Ancient Aliens’ are touting life out there as a given to the mainstream masses and supporting these claims with intensive images and research that makes it hard to ignore the obvious. A spate of movies are webcasts are exploring the possibilities of ancient/other life and include collosal heads, civilisations on Mars and the Moon and solar-system wide ruined civilisations as part of the story lines. These ideas subliminally become part of the minds of people that see them and we are no longer having to fight so hard to get our ideas and evidence across.

But...there is still that enormous resistance by the majority of humans to do something about it. In the same way as they resist making the necessary changes to their lifestyle to insure that their grandchildren will still have air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. It’s an apathy that is akin to a mass-suicide mentality, each individula believing that they cannot make a difference and therefor shrugging and carrying on as before accepting that they may well live (and die)  to see the end of days.

The forum seems to have reached that stage of apathy in a way as well, perhaps with members and the many watchers questioning the direction and future.

My feelings are this, we do not need to continue the search or justify ourselves any longer, we have more than enough evidence on the site to prove that there is/was an advanced civilisation on the Moon, Mars and other planets and moons in the solar system. I think we need to clean up that evidence and show-case it for the many people that are seeking answers and will eventually end up here.

New posts should be detailed with posters explaining what they are showing, take a chance people, nothing you say will seem any more out-there or crazy then some of the things we have already posted here. Open yourselves to criticism and correction if you wish to be a seeker, what you perceive may not always be what others see and the finding of the anomalies should be reward enough for you.

Alien Anomalies Forum is a home for like-minded individuals, people that question the reality of what we are told by government agencies and who open their eyes and minds to the anomalies that are obvious in the tales we are told and doctored images we are shown. We are warriors, seekers of truth ...but the reality is the only person you can control or change is yourself. Post your finds, express your opinions, enter into discussions but do it in the spirit of your own enlightenment.

If we have learnt one thing in this shared journey, it is that you cannot make a blind man see.



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