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RE: Mars Research

Hi Gary and welcome to the forum.

It's not only the mainstream television channels that seem to have no interest in the fact that there IS life on Mars, it's the astrobiologists who work for NASA as well. 

A great deal of evidence has been posted on the forum that tends to indicate that life-forms, although very tiny, are in abundance on the surface. This is an area that NASA should be investigating, but what do we hear from this particular organization - absolutely nothing. If they are not interested in finding active life, of whatever size and form, what could be their reasons for spending billions of dollars on sending the missions there?


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Hi Gary,
Maybe an email to some of the producers who have made other bordering-on-the-fringe-idea documentaries? It really depends on what kind of slant they will place on the program and whether this is a popular (with the Powers That Be).
I suspect that they could get more chance of a program like this being shown if they 'debunked' the idea of life in space.

If it is an unpopular subject, then no-one will buy it, so I am afraid that it all comes down to where the money is. The money men seem to control most things media these days unless you get a small independent radio network or TV station which may have more autonomy.




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It is simply amazing to me that Fox News or a program such as the History channel has not picked up on the amount of interest the public has regarding Mars? The Mars research that J.P. Skipper published a book about would be an excellent source for a special, or several specials on television. However, it seems all channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, Public Broadcasting and FOX) simply ignore the possibilities that life may exist on Mars even though there is data supporting this hypothesis?

Any suggestions as to who we could contact that may be able to influence the news media's attention to this subject or are we beating our heads against a brick wall?

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