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RE: Magic places, magic moments.






The ongoing Djedi- Project inside of the Great Pyramid


MartianArtWorks "Signals"

 „Djedi is a joint international-Egyptian mission that is being carried out under the supervision of Dr Zahi Hawass, Minister for Antiquities in the Egyptian government.

Other key team members include Shaun Whitehead (Scoutek Ltd, UK), TC Ng (Independent researcher, Hong Kong), Robert Richardson (University of Leeds, UK), Andrew Pickering (University of Leeds, UK), Stephen Rhodes (University of Manchester, UK), Ron Grieve (Tekron, Canada), Adrian Hildred (Independent researcher, UK), Mehdi Tayoubi (Dassault Systèmes, France) and Richard Breitner (Dassault Systèmes, France).

The team has committed to completing the work by the end of 2011. Full results of the work will be published in due course. The next report is expected to be issued in early 2012 after completion of the work.

Dassault Aviation, a french Aerospace and Defense Group is part of the

Djedi Pyramide Project.


Dassault Systemes is a subsidiary of Dassault Aviation, a french aviation group, famous for its military and civilian jets ( Keyword.military ). As one of its founders and nowadays President of Dassault Aviation acts Mr. Charles Edelstenne. Mr. Edelstenne is a member of the group of the 100 most rich people in France. His private property increased during one year from 2009 to 2010 from 239, 32 million € to 384 million €, which represents an increasement of 144, 68 million € or 60, 67 % during twelve months, or around 400 000 € per day, day after day.


(Charles Edelstenne private property )


Dassault Systemes key product is CATIA, a Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application, developped to create 3dimensional simulations for design purposes and very helpful to create a 3dimensional modell of the pyramide and simulations of expected or possible structures inside.

So what we have now involved in the Djedi Project is Dasssault Aviation, a leading french defense group, specialized in designing and constructing military aircraft ( with two repesentatives in the Djedi team ). And we have the CATIA software, develloped by Dassault Systems.

"…..Dassault Aviation (Euronext: AM) is a French aircraft manufacturer of military, regional and business jets, a subsidiary of Dassault Group. It was founded in 1930 by Marcel Bloch as Societe des Avions Marcel Bloch or "MB". After World War II, Marcel Bloch changed his name to Marcel Dassault, and the name of the company was changed to Avions Marcel Dassault on 20 December 1947. ….“ Dassault's group also owns 82% of Socpresse which controls many important French newspapers and magazines, including Le Figaro, and L'Express.



I would like to remind us to what Mr. Schmidt published about the interior of the Great Pyramide in 1952:

...Presently Mr. X pulled out a small pencil-like light and

flashed it against a section of blank wall in the corridor.
Imagine my surprise when a heavy stone door, about
three feet thick, opened gradually, just enough to let
us pass through.  Before it opened its outlines had not
been perceptible at all.

  As we passed through the secret door and it closed
slowly behind us, we entered a corridor about seven
feet high and five feet wide.  It was very dark and I saw
no signs at all.  As we started to walk two abreast down
the corridor (approximately 60 feet long), Mr. X flashed
his light into the darkness and a room at the end
gradually filled with light.  Later I recalled that
there had been no odor of mustiness, which one
might usually expect in a room which had been closed
for a long time......With an effort I force my mind to dwell on our present
surrounding.  It was then I realized that we stood
in a triangular room, and before us was the smallest
Spaceship I had yet seen.  It was circular and about 60
feet in diameter.  It could best be described as looking
like two saucer-shaped metal plates welded together
at the outer rims.  It was similar in shape to many which
have been reportedly seen by Earth people, although
most of the sightings have been of larger craft.  There
was a door on the curve of the lower plate with two
steps leading into the ship.  We entered, and again I
was stunned at what I saw......“



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                                            GIZAH, EGYPT 2010 -2011

In late december we visited Gizah plateau near Cairo, with its three world famous pyramids.


Most of us know that there is a fence build around the complex, but who knows that the ministry of Antiquities gets 125 000 euros each day from the visitors of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and that they charge you 100 pounds for entering the Great Pyramide, whilst most of the employees of the egyptian antiquities get that worse payed, they do not know how to feed their families  ? Do you know that there is a section in the museum shop of the Egyptian museum where you can buy Mr. Hawass Original Explorer Hat, for how many, I do not remember and that half of the money went to the foundation of lady Mubarak ? Do you know that " Mister  Hawass was sentenced to jail for one year for refusing to obey a court ruling (as a former official). The ruling was appealed, and the sentence was suspended pending appeal.[19][20] On April 18, 2011, the National Council of Egypt’s Administrative Court issued a decree stopping the court ruling, specifying that he would not serve any jail time, and would remain in his position as Minister of Antiquities.[21]" ( Source wikipedia) Do you know why he was sentenced to jail ?

May it be  that Mr. Hawass "owns" privately the gold mine called souvenir shop at the egyptian state museum in Cairo ?

I would like to ask him, where all the money went and where all the money goes, hundreds of millions and  millions and millions of pounds . How many visitors in the great pyramide per day ? Per year ? There were that  many people inside of the pyramide during our visit, it was impossible to move in a proper way, it was even nearly impossible to stop for a moment, without getting pushed. Some of the people were drunk... . 

 Where does all the money go? Who benefits ? I know there is a small tomb in the valley of the queens full of the most beautiful wall paintings. It is closed to the public. How much do you charge for one visit of a few hours per person? 20 000 dollars ? Please correct me, if I am wrong.



Back to Gizah and to a recent publication in the New Scientist  about discoveries inside of the socalled southern airshaft, where Mr. Gantenbrink started his pioneering work decades ago, before he got ousted by Mr. Hawass. The queens chamber was closed during our visit, now I know why.

First images from Great Pyramid's chamber of secrets



Cheops shaft  mg21028144_500-6_600.jpg


THEY might be ancient graffiti tags left by a worker or symbols of religious significance. A robot has sent back the first images of markings on the wall of a tiny chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt that have not been seen for 4500 years. It has also helped settle the controversy about the only metal known to exist in the pyramid, and shows a "door" that could lead to another hidden chamber.

The pyramid is thought to have been built as a tomb for the pharaoh Khufu, and is the last of the seven wonders of the ancient world still standing. It contains three main chambers: the Queen's Chamber, the Grand Gallery and the King's Chamber, which has two air shafts connecting it with the outside world. Strangely, though, there are two tunnels, about 20 centimetres by 20 centimetres, that extend from the north and south walls of the Queen's Chamber and stop at stone doors before they reach the outside of the pyramid (see diagram).

The function of these tunnels and doors is unknown, but some believe that one or both could lead to a secret chamber. Zahi Hawass, Egypt's Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs, describes the doors as the last great mystery of the pyramid.

Several attempts have been made to explore the tunnels using robots. In 1993, a robot crawled some 63 metres up the tunnel in the south wall and discovered what appeared to be a small stone door set with metal pins. Metal is not part of any other known structure in the pyramid, and the discovery ignited speculation that the pins were door handles, keys or even parts of a power supply constructed by aliens.

Then in 2002 another robot drilled through the stone block and filmed a small chamber backed by a large blocking stone, but little else. Now a robot designed by engineer Rob Richardson from the University of Leeds, UK, and colleagues, and named Djedi after the magician that Khufu consulted when he planned his tomb, has crawled up the tunnel carrying a bendy "micro snake" camera that can see around corners.

Images sent back by the camera have revealed hieroglyphs written in red paint and lines in the stone that could be marks left by stone masons when the chamber was being carved (Annales Du Service des Antiquités De L'Égypte, vol 84, ISBN: 978-977-704-184-3). "If these hieroglyphs could be deciphered they could help Egyptologists work out why these mysterious shafts were built," says Richardson.

"Red-painted numbers and graffiti are very common around Giza," says Peter Der Manuelian, an Egyptologist at Harvard University and director of the Giza Archives at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. "They are often masons' or work-gangs' marks, denoting numbers, dates or even the names of the gangs."

As the camera can see around corners, the back of the stone door has been observed for the first time, scotching the more fanciful theories about the metal pins, says camera-designer Shaun Whitehead of the exploration company Scoutek, based in Melton Mowbray, UK. "Our new pictures from behind the pins show that they end in small, beautifully made loops, indicating that they were more likely ornamental rather than electrical connections."

Whitehead, who worked in collaboration with Dassault Systèmes in Vélizy-Villacoublay, France, adds: "Also, the back of the 'door' is polished so it must have been important. It doesn't look like it was a rough piece of stone used to stop debris getting into the shaft."

Kate Spence, an Egyptologist at the University of Cambridge who was not involved in the study, suspects that since the narrow tunnels can serve no practical purpose, they are almost certainly symbolic. "The metal pins look like symbolic door handles, and the shafts from the Queen's Chamber are oriented north-south, not east-west, so I strongly suspect that their function is symbolic and relates to the stars, not the sun," she says.

While the King's Chamber originally contained Khufu's sarcophagus and possibly his mummy, the Queen's Chamber probably didn't contain the remains of a queen: Khufu's wives were interred in three smaller pyramids of their own. Instead, Spence speculates that the Queen's Chamber may have contained a "ka" statue of the pharaoh. In this interpretation the shafts were built to allow Khufu's ka, or spirit, to cross to the afterlife.

As for the second "door" at the rear of the chamber, which is rough and unfinished, Spence thinks it is simply the end of the shaft. "It's most likely to be a backing stone - there won't be another chamber behind it, it makes no sense," she says. "However, it's fascinating from a symbolic point of view, and this sort of work will allow us to get at the intention behind the construction of the pyramid."

Hawass, director of the Djedi project, says that no other pyramid is known to have a tunnel and doorway like this, which, he says, suggests there could be a hidden room. "The King's Chamber may have been a dummy room, since the most important thing in the mind of the ancient Egyptians was to hide the burial chamber," he says. "We have a story that the magician Djedi met Khufu, who was searching for the god Thoth so he could find the secret of hiding his pyramid. Based on that maybe there is something hidden in the pyramid."

Applause, applause...  You are a "Wendehals".

mg21028144_500-2_500.jpgSome images of the "graffitti" and of the backside of the copper "clamps".







Until next time


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