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RE: space archaeology

And this is a problem with archaeology, caused by a problem with cosmology.  When you narrow your possibilities so much with wrong ideas, you can't figure anything out.  Thus, it's confusing when you look at ancient depictions of the cosmic wheel, the hand with an eye inside it, or the celestial serpent.  They can't even identify natural events with their current assumptions.

What if Pinnochio says that his nose will grow longer?

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The Past is the Key to the Future.

Saqqara and Imhotep. Some Impressions.



„In the BBC documentary Egypt's Lost Cities, they visit an area of Saqqara (Sakkara) where the authorities were not initially interested in her findings.

But after being told by Dr Parcak that she had seen two potential pyramids, they made test excavations and they now believe it is one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt. „


No matter which „sensations“ the archaeologists dig out of our planets soil, no matter how loud the sensationalists cry, nothing will change for them and their followers , before they haven`t changed their way of thinking. The way of thinking forms the attitude. Humility, modesty, dignity, decency and respect are what egyptology needs to understand the past. With these basic tools knowledge will become free of ideological boundaries. Stop to ignore the King lists. Half an hour in silence on the plateau of Gizah or in Saqqara will tell you more about the past, and about yourself, than every university lesson. Think big. Try it.









Part of the Saqqara complex: The Djoser pyramid, erected by the „legendary“ Imhotep around 2600 B.C. There was no „pharao mummy“ in the pyramid , but 40 000 vessels made of stone, alabaster and ceramics have been found.


( As mentioned before in AA, the methodoloy of dating an age becomes uncertain if the decay rate of radioactivity is not constant. The dendrochronology works for short time periods and assumes years of constant length.)


Saqqara is not just a pyramid, it`s many together with remains of huge walls, of temples and tombs. It is a metropole, not a necropole, spread over some dozen squarecilometers, above the ground AND underground.


Some sources tell us, Imhotep the Wise has planned and erected two pyramids in Saqqara , the Djoser steppyramid and the Sechemchet pyramid. The egytian archaeologist Zakaria Goneim started to dig in the Sechemchet complex in 1951. The excavations led him to a grave, behind a 3 m thick wall, inside of the pyramide basement with a sealed sarcophagus inside. The sealed sarcophagus turned out to be empty. Zakaria Goneim commited suicide in 1959.

To give you an impression of the work that was done underground, besides the structures inside of the pyramids (see video below ), there are 400 underground chambers connected by corridors in Saqqara ( The Western Galleries) and 136 underground chambers connected by a huge gallerie surrounding the Sechemchet pyramid.

In the Saqqara Serapeum , there are sarcophagus to a 100 tons weight. The granite was brought from Assuan , 1000 cilometers south. 100 tons from 1000 cilometers, to get burried in underground galleries in Saqqara. No mummies have been found, some of the“sarcophagus“ contained some bones mixed with bitumen, others were empty when opened. Empty.

To give you an impression of the genius at work: The entrance to the „burial chamber“ of the steppyramide is a hole in its ceiling , one meter in diameter, which was closed with a 3, 50 ton granite stopper, lowered from above into the hole. 3500 kg of granite. It is impossible to create all these marvels with copper tools. You need iron tools, probably steel tools. Hey, my dear archaeologists: STEEL TOOLS .


The images have been taken on january the first 2011 in Saqqara.









                                    And now: Applause for "The Hat" ( It is possible to reduce the loudness.)



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"....The team analysed images from satellites orbiting 700km above the earth, equipped with cameras so powerful they can pin-point objects less than 1m in diameter on the earth's surface.

Infra-red imaging was used to highlight different materials under the surface. ..."

1m in diameter from 700 km above + infra-red imaging + ground penetrating radar means, they know everthing. Every thing. Means , there is somebody or something  lieing on an unimaginable scale.

Means we are the dummies. We never will know ( get ) the truth about other planets and stars , since we have are not aware of  the truth about earth  first , about our history and our present state. To know the  truth about ourselves is the basement  of everything. The truth about god - "brothers in space" is connected to the  truth of  our origin. The lie works on an unimaginable scale and those who guard the lie depend on  creatures without soul and on creatures without conscience  and on creatures that are cowards and on creatures that are morons. Some of these creatures are called "scientists", but there are a lot of other ones.

How do I know that?  I`ve started to learn  to use my brain in kindergarten. Our brain represents a natural power. It is a great gift from nature  to separate the wrong from the right.  Everyone is in the possession of this potential. The brain is a creator within us , who is  reflecting the creativity of the creator. Mirroring  this  reflection like a spotlight onto  things in question may present you some remarkable highlights. For free. You choose the program.



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There is some interesting work in space archaeology from a Nasa-sponsored laboratory in Birmingham, Alabama.  1000's of buried tombs and 17 'lost' pyramids found in Egypt.


satellite image of pyramid

An infra-red satellite image shows a buried pyramid, located in the centre of the highlight box.

Satellite images with and without infra- redAn infra-red image shows a pattern of streets and houses in the buried ancient city of Tanis.

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