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Post Info TOPIC: Sun emitting strange life-changing particles

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Sun emitting strange life-changing particles


"Set on the controls for the heart of the sun...."

The problem seems to be the same the midget has: Observing just a tiny  part of the giant leads him into misinterpretation. We are the midgets. The sun is the giant.

We have no idea what a sun is, no matter what scientists tell us. What do they tell us ? They are bombarding us with theories. They should know they do know  not much about the sun in relation to what has to be known about it,  but they cannot stop producing theories, instead of to stay quiet and observing the sun  on a multilevel interconnected base. There are satellites collecting datas encircling the sun.

 Which datas are collected? Selected datas. These selected datas are interpreted by conditioned brains, resulting in fractured theories. "The sun, what a thing to believe..."

If the rate of decay, as so many other processes in our solarsystem,  is controlled by the sun, and the decay process is not constant,  then the results of C 14 datas to determine time frames and age would become highly questionable unless the control mechanism   and its impacts is completely understood, resulting  into a revised , but still incomplete theory.

There could be a rhythm, the  peaks of such a rhythm occuring each 5000 years , so we have to observe the sun constantly over a long periode to draw a line.

But the change in decay, if true, could be as well a very singular event.

The universe is filled with suns of different types and conservative astronomy favorizes the imagination that these  suns are  similar to our G 2, but in different phases of their life cycle. University astrophysics teaches the assumption that most suns  follow the same rules, follow the same life path, so differences are differences of the phase and not of origin and quality.

Conditioned brains are hungry for stability. There is stabilty in our universe , but not on the level of conditioned brains. The midget has to grow to "comprehend" the giant. There is no other way than "Grow in Spirit" . It seems very hard for a conditioned brain to grow, but it is possible. The sun is affecting biological processes and our brain. Scientists brain get affected too, hope so. Time will telll.

Some final remarks:

Are the socalled natural laws all over the universe the same? If not, we should not be surprised, if it turns out, that visiting other solar systems by interstellar travel will confront our brain with some really strange foreign"natural laws" contradicting our view.

Have the planet-sized objects allegedly orbiting the sun, seen to be connected with these events ?

( Horvak claims these objects are protecting the evolution by watching the sun closely, landing on the surface and interacting with its mechanisms. And in reverse they protect the universe to be endangered by a morally bancrupt degenerated  evolution out of control. In other words: One flare breaking through sterilizes the whole planet.  )

1957 / 58 about Ashtar Sheran an "UFO commander":

"He `s technical engineer on the 9th radiation ring of the sun, the Motsump ring, whose radiation  creates the magnetism, the electricity and the heat."

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This is from Skippers Guest Book, where poster Joerg drew our attention to this strange phenomenon which is changing some of the core principles of science. The decay rate of Carbon-14 is such an example which has been used for years as a constant - used in Carbon Dating to determine the age of many ancient artifacts.

Link to article here

Some people believe that the sun is dying and has started its bardo cycle in the last few years. It is said, each year there will be stronger and stronger pulses of cosmic radiation as the "layers" peel off the dying planet (there are 12 layers). It is also said that new viruses and diseases will be activated by these cosmic pulses too. I dont know what happens after 12 years!

This may give some creedence to this suggestion that the sun is dying, since this has not happened before in living history. Of course, it may have happened before records were begun.



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