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RE: A Jar of Pickled Aliens

lol, had me going for a bit!

amazing what people find to eat.

ya gotta figure out who ate what first, raw and then figured out how to cook it to make it first, safe,

second, digestible

and then tasty,

then, iron chef!

i suppose this might be a quick learning experience, lol. but there are poisonous things made safe that i can't figure out the thinking of people who achieved that.

eat a raw artichoke and tell me you want to continue to try to make it nice, lol. we know now but think of the first one to try it!

then they burnt it to get rid of them but they smelled great! lol, maybe?

but eating is so fundamental to everything, even plants, conversion or digestion, same? so this is not too far off topic. from your other thread about man-made leaves.

in one end, out the other, i don't believe there are any closed systems. (i'm over my head, i think)

i see the connection to the whole cosmos. (it could be argued that the cosmos is a closed system) but we don't have enough info yet.


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I thought you would be interested in what I found in a recent trip to Beijing in China. I was walking down a backstreet and came across this odd little shop with all kinds of things in it. I was looking in the window when I noticed a jar of pickled aliens. I could hardly believe my eyes, so I just had to go in and ask the shop owner all about it.

He said that his brother-in-law worked for the Chinese Space Agency and the recent Moon missions had found some interesting things which they had not expected to find. His brother-in-law had managed to smuggle out this jar of aliens which they had collected and pickled to preserve them - very much like surgeons do with your appendix! This shop keeper man was very interested in all kinds of aliens and moon anomalies, just like we are, and so his brother-in-law had agreed to give them to him as a present. This is how they got into the shop window.

Notice the pointed head adaption for burrowing and tunelling in the soft sandy soil and the foot-like appendages at the other end which obviously allows them to kind-of stand up and see over the edges of their tunnel entrances.

I asked if I could take some photos and maybe try one to see what they tasted like. He agreed and so I present them here for you all to see. Having tasted them, I have to describe them as crunchy and rather yummy. I believe they would go well with rice porridge.

I think this is a first for this forum and will probably be an amazing news coup. It just goes to show what you can find in small backstreet shops.

(P.S. This is a JOKE!! - it is a root vegetable)



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