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Evidence of alien inhabitation in other countries

TIAHUANACO , the sun, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo.



„ HERE lived the gods. As they left the country, they destroyed their dwelling in just one night. „


PERU Incidents of Travel and Exploration in the LAND OF THE INCAS
by E. George Squier, New York, Harper and Brothers, 1877.


...The first thing that strikes the visitor in the village of Tiahuanuco is the great number of beautifully cut stones, built into the rudest edifices, and paving the squalidest courts. They are used as lintels, jambs, seats, tables, and as receptacles for water. The church is mainly built of them; the cross in front of it stands on a stone pedestal which shames the symbol it supports in excellence of workmanship. On all sides are vestiges of antiquity from the neighboring ruins, which have been a real quarry, whence have been taken the cut stones, not only for Tiahuanuco and all the villages and churches of its valley, but for erecting the cathedral of La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, situated in the deep valley of one of the streams falling into the river Beni, twenty leagues distant. And what is true here is also true of most parts of the Sierra. The monuments of the past have furnished most of the materials for the public edifices, the bridges, and highways of the present day.

The ruins of Tiahuanuco have been regarded by all students of American antiquities as in many respects the most interesting and important, and at the same time most enigmatical, of any on the continent.

....Unique, yet perfect in type and harmonious in style, they appear to be the work of a people who were thorough masters of an architecture which had no infancy, passed through no period of growth, and of which we find no other examples. Tradition, which mumbles more or less intelligibly of the origin of many other American monuments, is dumb concerning these. The wondering Indians told the first Spaniards that "they existed before the sun shone in the heavens," that they were raised by giants, or that they were the remains of an impious people whom an angry Deity had converted into stone because they had refused hospitality to his viceregent and messenger...


,....The ruins are about half a mile to the southward of the village, separated from it by a small brook and a shallow valley. The high-road to La Paz passes close to them—in fact, between them and some mounds of earth which were probably parts of the general system. They are on a broad and very level part of the plain, where the soil is an arenaceous loam, firm and dry. Rows of erect stones, some of them rough or but rudely shaped by art; others accurately cut and fitted in walls of admirable workmanship; long sections of foundations, with piers and portions of stairways; blocks of stone, with mouldings, cornices, and niches cut with geometrical precision; vast masses of sandstone, trachyte, and basalt but partially hewn; and great monolithic doorways, bearing symbolical ornaments in relief, besides innumerable smaller, rectangular, and symmetrically shaped stones, rise on every hand, or lie scattered in confusion over the plain. It is only after the intelligent traveler has gone over the whole area and carefully studied the ground, that the various fragments fall into something like their just relations, and the design of the whole becomes comprehensible.



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Earth - a giant mining Colony ( quarry ) ?  Earth´s wealth leaving our planet ?
Who benefits ? Look for Mr. Michael Tellinger.

Strange activity in some other areas :
The Andes Mountains
In the Heart of Africa
Under the surface of the Oceans
The Gobi
SAUDI- ARABIA ( The great arabian desert. )

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I have been looking at Google Earth to see if I can find other places where there is evidence of aliens setting up camp.

As examples I have found places in Africa and in China where I think there are signs of habitation. These are mostly in out-of-the-way places and away from human civilisation.

However, in countries such as these - particularly China in this instance, you can never be sure that these places are not just(!) governmental training bases or other supposed-to-be secret places. That is not what we are looking for and it would be difficult to determine if the place found was one of those or a real alien camp.

The only way I know of telling one from the other is that we would see the same features such as doughnuts that we see on Mars and other off-world places.

In many of these places there are areas where this dark blue substance is in evidence and I suspect that this is something that they need to survive. I really do not know what this substance is or whether it is some kind of chemical that they are mining. I have found this same substance in Antarctica and in remote valleys in mountains and there is usually some alien presence near these places. In one place I have seen, there is a whole community set up near to a huge quarry where this blue stuff is mined.

In places like Antarctica, where it is claimed by many countries, I feel we are on fairly safe ground looking for aliens there as although there may be secret government bases in that area, there is no problem with us looking. Whatever we can find is fair game.

Anyone looking for these places in their own country could conceivably be accused of being spies - particularly where the government agencies are stricter and more authoritarian in places such as South Africa, middle east countries, China or Russia perhaps.

So, this is just a warning to anyone outside of the West - it may be a good idea to restrict your investigations to safe areas and not in home territory.



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