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The smallest observations about general things.

This is a good motto, and one which I have been trying to follow. 

In particular, I have been noticing the 'doughnuts'(donuts) - the round raised (I assume) domes which adorn every site where there are aliens living. I have been particularly noticing them in the images on the Earth's South Pole we have been discussing recently and I have verified that they are as real as they can be, by finding others in Google Earth in other locations. Somehow I feel that these doughnuts are some kind of maybe early-warning system, like a radar would be for us as they are often placed on rocks on the edge of the area facing outwards (but there are also many inside the cities themselves, so maybe I am not correct). I do not think they are art in any form as I attribute the aliens with too much intelligence to appreciate the same monotonous kind of domes everywhere. Unless they are a canvas and on which their art is painted?

I also notice the cut-off rocks which appear to be shelters and often have someone sheltering inside a hole. Mostly, where the faces of these rocks are visible from the rover, NASA has blacked out the side facing the camera. There are plenty of examples of these in our forum images. Sometimes we are able to show what lies behind the black-out and sometimes we get an oblique view where the being is looking out. These last examples are generally further away and not such good clarity and resolution.

We have found many long thin things with various shapes, which to my mind, cannot be sticks or branches as there do not appear to be (m)any trees. Generally, these are often 'S' shaped or straight, and they do not appear to have off-shoots as a plant or broken rock would have. This leads me to believe that there are snake-shaped beings and this is what we are seeing in the images.

So, if I had to hazzard a guess what beings were living on Mars, I would say that they are not very large at all. I have seen rabbit/cat/animal-type sized beings which are the things I believe we see living in rocks shelters. I have seen the snake/worm kind of beings which possibly live underground (goggog's image of the tube) and we have had evidence of movement of 'mounds' between images, so these may be like earthworm casts which disappear due to wind erosion after a while. I am convinced also that there are various sized small beings who work with rocks to craft these into various shapes for some reason. That reason may be 'art' or it may be functional.

Occasionally we have found pipes and evidence of larger beings working on the land. I assume they still have to eat and are not 'past' that stage in their evolution. We have found cast-off pieces of machinery which look abandoned and we have found tracks or roads or boundaries which appear to mark out territory or aid in getting from A to B.

There is also evidence from space too. In other parts of Mars, away from the Rovers, I think there may be larger beings, since I have seen evidence of civilisation and engineering which is visible from the Mars Orbiter.

I thought I would try to summarise my thoughts as they are at the moment, but are always subject to change. smile.gif

Everyone is welcome to add their current thinking.



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