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RE: Hello to Everyone

Hi Anamitra

Thank you for your kind greeting, and a very warm welcome to the forum.

It is true that your culture has been endowed with legends of visitation and knowledge from the past, epics such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata speak of flying machines (vimanas), and of wars using weapons such as the iron thunderbolt (that would today be called an atomic weapon), all of which science ignores.

Best wishes



"Creating a fiction when stating a fact destroys the credibility of the truth one are trying to convey"

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Welcome Anamitra in our command handshake.gif



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This is Anamitra, male, 42. I hail from India. I live and work in the city of Bombay (Mumbai, as it has been known now for a while). At present, I do not believe that there would be many such as I am, from my country, who have introspected deeply on alien civilisations; and the possibility that humans are not the only consciously intelligent forms of life within, at least, the environs of the Earth and the moon.  

The possibility of alien influence on our civilisation is no more a conjecture. It never was. The evidence that is revealed for it is too overwhelming to dismiss away as unproved. In fact, for many a scoundrel in the mainstream scientific community, the demand for proof is, in fact, an expression for close-mindedness, vocational ego, a refusal to deviate from the social investments that one has made amongst one's peers - and also - plain, simple and rank stupidity.

In our ancient Indian traditions, there exist sharp and coherent descriptions of the damage wrought by atomic bombs. We have descriptions of beings from other planets, dimensions, and most importantly, beings from the moon. Much is mythology (but again, is mythology not myth because it is beyond our understanding?) but much strikes a chord within our hearts. We assign religious and possibly spiritual reasons to many of our ancient chronicles and records - this is natural as India is the cradle of many forms of spiritual interpretations; yet, if our ancient scriptures and writings were to be examined with proper, empirical and non judgmental scientific structures of investigation - there will be more questions that remain unanswered and are supremely enigmatic in nature - which will demand answers from a deeper source; demand a complete change of views and the way we perceive our world, and the universe. Perhaps that will be the beginning of real research; that will be another awakening - and this is true not only for India, but for the world.

My best wishes go to all of you; members and moderators alike - for you are the ones who will usher in a new world in the realms of thought, word and deed. May you always fulfill your mandate with as much passion and belief in the beyond that is the hallmark of the tiny and very intelligent world community that comprises of gifted individuals such as all of you.

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