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RE: Green Spoungy Planet

Yes, that was very interesting and I enjoyed reading your description of it. Thank you.

I believe that we all have out-of-body experiences at night but only some people remember these and I think they are a way to recharge our batteries. I think you may well have gone to another world where these things happen and maybe you were experiencing it as another part of your larger self. (Some people believe that we are a spirit being, composed of many different personalities all living at the same moment but in different places and at different times in history, so that time is not linear but in parallel).

I have done some work with pendulums and it certainly does appear as if time is not linear.

If it happens again or similar, do not be afraid to speak to the beings who appear.




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I don't know why I spelled it the way I did

" Bru'Iltraq Mobriqt'a " it just naturally
flowed out of my head that way. I don't
recall ever experiencing a dream of this has intrigued me as well
as haunt me.

Do you suppose that is how my subconcious
mind percieved what the being said to me ?


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...and the answer to your last question Chandre is..nothing, given one masters remote viewing. smile 

Element115 (Ununpentium wink) I thought you might've had an OBE till you said you didn't remember the way you get there so I guess it falls into "vivid dreams" category. I used to have OBEs quite regularly as a kid and later on as a teenager, but don't have them as often now although I do remember how and still can induce an OBE at will. And before you, I didn't go to the moon or Mars to check them out biggrin. I suppose I were afraid to go explore so far away from "base". Definitely should do it some time though as I'm tired of looking at NASaTY images.

Anyway, an interesting dream thanks for sharing it! I too don't know what the words mean, I'm from Bulgaria but not aware of similar words in any slavic language?


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Phillip Jose Farmer once wrote a story called Mother (if I remember correctly) which sounds a bit like the living spires you describe.

That was what I would call a Vision Dream, cannot tell you exactly what it is, a memory, teleportation, remote viewing of another sentient being.....

I do not know what the words mean, they roll comfortably off the tongue... we often use the word Broer as slang (pronounced broo) as a term of familiarity and friendships between males in South Africa. In fact I think it was used in District 9 as well.

Skipper spoke about remote viewing in one of his commentaries, obviously it was the military aspect but if its possible what stops us from connecting with other beings in the universe in this manner ?



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► A dream I had very recently◄

     I recently had a very vivid and very REAL dream, what I mean
by real is I almost felt that I had consciousness while dreaming
this dream. I remember EVERY intricate detail, down to the
touch and smells.

   At the beginning I am standing on this cliff, I am looking down the cliff,
I look at my feet, and the surface was green, a darker green than most
grasses you'd see in the average yard. It was springy, but spoungy
at the same time, maybe like as if I was standing on a mound of steel wool
( that's the best way I can describe it )

   I look to the left of me, and then the right, the surface is covered with this
green substance, it looks like moss, I don't see soil, trees, water, nothing
like that, just this green substance everywhere. the only features of
this planet are these natural spires jutting out from the surface,
like cave stalagmites. Some appear to be several hundred feet tall,
and others only about twenty feet tall, as if they are like trees, some are old,
some are young.

   The tallest ones seemed to be around fourty feet in diameter, and the shortest
ones seemed to only be a few feet in diameter, but they are everywhere,
random, no pattern, just random. I looked forward, and then down the side of
the cliff, it was maybe only 30 feet down.

   I just stood there, looking around, taking in everything I see, and
processing what I see. It still hadn't occured to me that I was on another
planet. where ? I don't know, How far away ? I don't know, how did I get here ?
a mystery, but never-the-less I am here. I look to the sky, there are clouds,
but the clouds look silky, visually, they have a shimmer and shine to it, and
they are mainly formless, more like blurry bands in the sky just hanging there,
not moving, just still.

   I realized that I felt nothing, no warmth, no cold, it just seems perfect,
as if catering to my comfort, caressing me, relaxing me, no movement of
air, there's air, I am breathing, so there has to be movement...just
still and silent. I suddenly realized that I COULD hear something..something
sorta like a hum in a vaccum, at has a tone, but almost as if it doesn't..
( does that sounds strange ? it's so very hard to explain )

   I glanced around again, I realized I ahd not looked behind me, imagine that,
I am in some strange place, so strange and alien, and I hadn't thought about
looking behind me, so I turn around, almost as if by accident, awkward,
apprehensive, affraid maybe, affraid of what I might see. I realize the sky
is gone, in it's place is a giant planet, seemed so close that I felt like if I reached out
I could touch it.

   The planet was pale orange with yellow tones to it in places, but no land, just bands
of yellow that seems almost see through. It has a ring wound it, the ring was made up of
rocks, mostly small rocks...the ring was even closer to me than the planet. The planet I
was on almost looked like it was IN the ring...then I realized that the planet I was
on was approaching the ring..interescting with the ring. On an oblong orbit, where
periodically the planet I am on passes through the rings.

   I stood there, frozen, as if I couldn't move, as the rings got closer, I started seeing streaks in the sky, flashes, as I saw the storm of rocks striking the planet and moving towards me..I turn and ran...I ran as fast as I could..nowhere to go but towards the cliff.
I ran, faster and faster, I had no choice but to jump from the cliff and hope I survive.
I land at the bottom, cusioned by the surface growth of what I call " Moss " I am unhurt.

   I sprang back to my feet, and ran from spire to spire, searching for some form of shelter, spire to spire I search, runnning, looking back, check another spire. I finally found one that had an opening about four feet wide, I dive into it just as the rocks start striking where I was running moments prior. I am safe now.

    It is dark inside, and I stand up and walk to the other side of the cave, and can't see anything, but I can hear the cracking and poping sounds outside of the rocks striking the cround and the spires. I wait to see if my eyes will adjust and I'll be able to see something, nothing, I stick my hand out, I reach the back end of the cave, and topuch the wall. It feels soft, almost like fur, I feel around some more, the entire inside of this spire had a furry texture to it and I wondered if the spires were alive, like trees and not rock.

   I turned to face the entrance, and I could see a figure standing in the entrance looking didn't look human in shape, but it was standing on two legs, It turned to me and

( wrote this down when I woke up and spelled it the way I thought it sounded )

" Bru'Iltraq Mobriqt'a " ( sounded like Broo Iktrak Moobreekta )

--Don't ask...that's just what I heard.

This is when I woke up. I did a google search, and nothing
shows. I don't know what, or if it means anything at all.

Please feel free to comment, I am posting this, as I sometimes
get the feeling that perhaps someone else may have had a simular dream
or a dream just like this...I think that if there is someone that has, this could
really mean something.

Please don't think I am some nut job, this is a very real thing to me,
If I didn't know any better, I'd say I somehow was teleported to another
world. this has had a great affect on me and I am just searching for answers.''-I have never had a dream that was so real.


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