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Post Info TOPIC: The Big Mexican Meteorite - Cosmos 2421 Swindle.

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RE: The Big Mexican Meteorite - Cosmos 2421 Swindle.

"Information for Mass Media: 15.02.2010 News media informed about possible falling down of Kosmos-2421 spacecraft debris at the Mexican territory. All Russian civil spacecraft continue proper operations in orbit. Russian Ministry of Defense has not informed Roscosmos about any accident with a military spacecraft so far. Roscosmos PAO"

Radar cross section , RCS ( equivalent echoing area ) for debris piece 33006, which is claimed to be resposible for the impact and which still is in orbit, is 0.0063 m². To find out the correct size of 33006 is difficult, depends on the shape of the object and the wavelength of radar used. Anyway, 0.0063 m² RCS eeem to be much to small to create the symptoms of the mexican incident..

How propaganda works:

Two youtube videos.


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Our astronomy friends informed me today that the russian space agency Roscocosmos published a bulletin denying Cosmos 2421 parts being responible for the mexican incident.


They also told me, the have tracked the orbit of piece 33006, which is still up there.

Going to

you`re be able to follow the satellite fragments in realtime . Present orbit 22 miles, elevating.


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The Big Mexican Meteorite – Cosmos 2421 Swindle


               Another part of the puzzle. 

Here are some datas about the event and about Cosmos 2421, enough to get your own picture. Went into astronomy-spaceflight blogs and met a lot of nice people there. Some told me , the official story cannot be true, out of different reasons.



February 11, 2010 - Meteorite? Space Junk? Impacted Northeast of Mexico City Tonight.Discovery News, "The Mexican army arrived at the scene and cordoned off the area according to another news source. The possibility of a downed aircraft has been ruled out by the authorities. However, new reports from the region suggest that the impactor wasn't a meteorite at all, but it did come from space. José Jaime Herrera Cortes, of the Mexican Space Agency, has gone on record to say the object was a piece of space junk originating from a Russian satellite. Cortes indicates that the U.S. Department of Defense has confirmed the object was a piece of the Cosmos 2421 satellite that was launched in 2006. As of 2008, 15 fragments of the spacecraft were being tracked. The piece of space junk, cataloged with the ID number 33006, was expected to pass over Mexico at the approximate time of impact."


"Meteor" alarm to the inhabitants of two entities

El lugar del impacto habría sido el municipio de Ahuazotepec, Puebla, colindante con Cuautepec, Hidalgo, donde se derrumbó un puente y causó tensión entre la gente The site of impact would have been Ahuazotepec Municipality, Puebla, bordering Cuautepec, Hidalgo, where a bridge collapsed and caused tension among people Dinorath Mota Corresponsal Mota Dinorath Correspondent El Universal El Universal Jueves 11 de febrero de 2010 Thursday February 11, 2010 

PACHUCA, Hgo.— Una luz acompañada de un estruendo, que cimbró casas y edificios de unos cinco municipios de Puebla e Hidalgo, fue atribuida a la caída de un meteorito. Pachuca, Hidalgo .- A light accompanied by a roar which swayed buildings and houses about five municipalities of Puebla and Hidalgo, was attributed to the fall of a meteorite.

El lugar del impacto habría sido el municipio de Ahuazotepec, Puebla, colindante con Cuautepec, Hidalgo, donde se derrumbó un puente y causó tensión entre la gente, según versiones de autoridades municipales. The site of impact would have been Ahuazotepec Municipality, Puebla, bordering Cuautepec, Hidalgo, where a bridge collapsed and caused tension among people, according to reports from local authorities.

Los hechos se registraron ayer al filo de las 18:30 horas entre ambas poblaciones, hasta donde llegó el Ejército para acordonar la zona. The incident took place yesterday on the stroke of 18:30 between the two populations, so far, the Army arrived to cordon off the area. Hasta el cierre de esta edición no se reportaban lesionados. Until press time, no injuries were reported.

El estruendo fue escuchado en Ahuazotepec y Huauchinango, comunidades de Puebla, así como en Tulancingo, Cuautepec y Metepec, pertenecientes a Hidalgo. The noise was heard and Ahuazotepec Huauchinango, village communities, as well as Tulancingo Cuautepec and Metepec, belonging to Hill.

El munícipe de Cuautepec, Eduardo Castelán, confirmó el evento, aunque más tarde dijo que no tenía datos precisos e incluso comentó que habría sido a las 15:30 horas. The municipal of Cuautepec, Eduardo Castellano, confirmed the event, but later said he had no accurate data and even commented that it would have been at 15:30.

Protección Civil de Hidalgo informó que las líneas de auxilio se habían colapsado con llamadas de gente atemorizada que pedía una explicación sobre qué estaba pasando, luego del estallido que rompió ventanas. Civil Protection reported that Hidalgo helplines had collapsed with calls from frightened people who asked for an explanation about what was happening after the blast that shattered windows.

Agentes de seguridad de las tres demarcaciones hidalguenses, así como de Protección Civil y bomberos "peinaron" la zona; hasta la víspera no daban información concreta. Security officers from the three river Hidalgo and Civil Protection and Fire "combed" the area, until the day before did not give specific information.

El director de Protección Civil estatal, Miguel García Conde, dijo haber recibido el reporte por lo cual se investigó en los aeropuertos las bitácoras ya que se temía un accidente aéreo; sin embargo, "no hay ningún reporte sobre la pérdida de comunicación con alguna aeronave". The state Civil Defense director, Miguel Garcia Conde, said he received the report for which was investigated at airports the logs as it was feared a plane crash, but "there is no report of loss of communication with any aircraft .

También se especuló sobre la explosión de ductos de Pemex. It was also speculated on the Pemex pipeline explosion.




3 Mysterious loud booms heard from the sky in Goa yesterday 12.30pm (0700 GMT) ( You`ll find the GOA report at the end.) 




Friday, February 12, 2010


Mexican "impact" / fireball event is NOT due to Kosmos 2421 debris

News is doing the rounds of a spectacular fireball/sonic boom near Mexico city on 10 Feb, 18:30 local time (= 11 Feb, 00:30 UTC).

Initial reports talked about an actual impact with a 30 meter wide crater and damage to a bridge and road. That seems not to be the case.

Subsequent news releases suggested that it was a piece of Komsos 2421 debris impacting (06-026 HK, #33006).

For a summary, see Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy blog post

In addition, there are elements available with an epoch 0.75 days after the event, suggesting it indeed was still in orbit after that time. I used Alan Pickup's fine


Dr. Marco Langbroek Location: Leiden, Netherlands

Male, Dutch, 39, professional stone age archaeologist, avid meteor observer, satellite tracker, asteroid discoverer, and fond of culinairy delights. Asteroid 183294 Langbroek was named after me. )


However, this event was certainly NOT due to the mentioned piece of space debris. The object in question was, contrary to apparent statements by a spokesman of the Mexican Space Agency (?), no way near passing over Mexico in a window of several hours around the reported time:
SatEvo software with the current F10.7 solar flux parameter (94) to predict a decay near 12 Feb 9h UTC, 1.25 days after the Mexican event.

  Source: .

"The next fragmentation occurred on 14 March when Cosmos 2421 (International Designator 2006-026A, U.S. Satellite Number 29247) shed upwards of 300 debris. The vehicle was the 50th of a class of spacecraft which debuted in 1974 and marked the 22nd breakup in the series. At the time of the breakup, Cosmos 2421 was in an orbit of approximately 400 km by 420 km with an inclination of 65 degrees. The spacecraft appeared to have terminated its mission in mid-February and was in a state of natural orbital decay at the time of breakup. The cause of the numerous fragmentations of this class of satellites has not been revealed by the Russian Federation."

Cosmos 2421 cat. no. NORAD Nr. 29247 or Object 2006-026A.






Mysterious blasts in S Goa spark speculation

TNN, 12 February 2010, 05:41am IST

| PANAJI/MARGAO: A series of mysterious blasts that were heard but not seen had South Goa in a tizzy and sparked off speculation about the nature and origin of the explosions on Thursday. Sources said the blasts occurred thrice in succession at around 12:30pm and the origin could be somewhere in Goa’s southernmost taluka of Canacona.

The meteorology department in Panaji noted the "disturbance" on its seismograph but said it could not determine its direction or origin.

Quepem sub-divisional police officer R K Patre said he scouted various beach stretches in Canacona, but
could not find any trace of a blast. Patre said he also got in touch with the police in Karwar and was told that they too had heard the bang. It is learnt that the noise thundered in Cuncolim and some even in Navelim and Colva claim to have heard it.

A few houses in Mudgeri and Bawal villages of Karwar, near Goa’s southern border with Karnataka, were reported to have suffered damage following the "blasts". Reports reaching Panaji said some fishermen from Karwar had seen an aircraft drop something in the sea around noon.

Navy officials in New Delhi denied there was any exercise in the area. Vasco-based navy PRO M C Joshi also denied that any experiments.

"Indian Navy always gives warning to fishermen and mariners before doing any tests so that mariners are well clear of the area," he said.

Confirming the "disturbance", meteorology department director K V Singh said, "There was no tremor, but
there were some recurring disturbances like some blast noises. It was not just once, but a number of times. It is, however, difficult to analyze them." He said such disturbances are recorded daily and they vary, but on Thursday, within an hour, there was a series of sounds, after about every five minutes.

The meteorology department in Panaji recorded ‘disturbances’ caused by a mysterious ‘blast’ on Thursday. ‘‘However, the direction and distance cannot be analyzed, but these are not earthquakes,’’ met director K
VSingh said. Two of the three components--east-west component and north-south component-indicate the distance and origin of sound, but the seismograph showed only the Zcomponent-disturbance.

Coast guard officials said the crew on their vessel cruising about four miles in the area between Karwar and Canacona did not hear any sound.

Coast guard DIG M S Dangui said, ‘‘Our men did not hear any sound. Local fishermen said nothing happened, but that they heard some loud sounds.’’

Stating that they have ruled out that it was from a ship, Dangui said the coast guard had received information
around 1.30pm regarding the blast-like sounds. ‘‘The coast guard ship C 133 was in the area for three hours, but could not discover anything,’’ he said.

Efforts to contact the naval base Sea Bird proved futile.






A bright flaming object was seen coming down about
100 miles northeast of Mexico City in Central Mexico's Ahuazotepec
Municipality between the cities of Puebla and Hidalgo on February 11, 2010,
around 6:30 p.m. local time. There was a roar that was loud enough to shake buildings
with reports of broken glass. There is a yet-unsubstantiated report that a crater
30 meters in diameter
was found. According to


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