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RE: Understanding the messenger

Xenon thank you for very well cogitated post, as we know nothing we know is complete I have to say this.

Nothing sprout of nothing even the science has it's roots in persuasion and figment, in this light we can say faith, believe, is production of the life some conclusion and without it the man wouldn't able to find a way out of non logical circumstances. And for the science they are some conclusion too bud not final outcome as we are talking about science as fragments of some we believe is true bud that we believe is true does not necessary have to be so, it is just conclusion.



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With regards to Mr Skippers comment on his guest book.... Re: Belief Systems & Contrary Views: I feel I too have to comment on the subject.

I feel Mr Skipper is right in his request calling for restraint with our personal beliefs, more so when dealing with the evidence put before us as it can bias our understanding, for thousands of years humans have been indoctrinated and manipulated into beliefs that have kept knowledge hidden or destroyed from him, but as we move forward into the 21st century we are discovering an expanding universe where life and energy are the universal norm, we are also gaining an understanding that intelligent life has travelled our solar system in the past (and may still be present).

It is for the above reasons that we have to have an objective view in our understanding, and in order to see the evidence for what it truly is, we have to first look at the evidence without bringing our religion or doctrines into the equation, if we look at the way life has developed on earth, we see that over time great disasters have decimated the planet making most of its life extinct, only to replace it with new more complex lifeforms that have adapted to the environments at the time.

Humans are an anomaly of the life that earth has produced, in the short time we have been on the earth we have adapted to huge climate change while other species have become extinct, we have a built in desire for knowledge that often exceeds our understanding, meaning we often look for a higher teaching to educate us, which sadly is a trait that can often distract from the answers that are right in front of us.

The work that Mr Sipper and the PTP are involved in are not a crusade, we have no connection to deities, or to become martyrs, we are not preachers or prophets, we are ordinary human beings that are trying to expose the truth that has led to scientific data and evidence being manipulated and altered, to the extent that our knowledge of the solar system is decades behind where it should be, we are not judging those responsible for the cover up, we are just trying to show them that the human race has matured enough to accept the responsibility that hidden knowledge holds.

The PTP stands by our mission statement, and we will not fold until the truth has been told.


"Creating a fiction when stating a fact destroys the credibility of the truth one are trying to convey"

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