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A reminder from Skipper
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Skippers Guest entry, posted here as a reminder of our goals for PTP.....

I see that some in this Guest Book are assuming the identity of others and posting under their names. This is of course bad behavior and clearly aggravating to say the least. I also see that it is unacceptable to some good members causing some to abandon this community in favor of less stressful places to express themselves.

I have to ask if some thought this was a social club without adversaries? You are getting a taste of what I’ve had to contend with for years under so many different guises. Most of those regarded as trolls expressing contrary opinions here are not trolls in the traditional sense as one would find is so many forums. Some are paid adversaries doing their job and the Sholva types are only the most obvious face of a team that may or may not even be aware of each other.

They are here profiling you to see what makes you tick, to measure your commitment, and to practice their psychological arts. If they can suppress your comments and your openness via fear of coming under attack, then they are succeeding. If they can drive you off from commenting, then they are succeeding even more.

Further, if they can suck me into trying to shut them up for your comfort level, then they are succeeding. Why? Because they’ll then twist it into me suppressing contrary views and openness and point to that as a flaw in my character and that I can’t stand up under close scrutiny. It’s a load of horse crap but it is a strategy that works as the recent debate in national Health Insurance demonstrates where the opposition manage to manipulate populations and strip reform out of the process and then blame others trying to achieve reform for that happening.

If you want to be break free and achieve truth, then your desire is going against the grain here on this world and you have to be prepared to fight for what you want. No one else is going to do that for you and just hand any success over to you. You are what you actually do and you get what you actually work for.

Here is what I’ll do with this warning. Those of you who are mimicking others in your posting regardless of what side you are on, from this point forward please stop doing this and YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. If you don’t stop this childishness, as you come to my attention, I’ll be blocking you repeatedly from the Guest Book as well as removing your posts repeatedly and of course you are no longer welcome here. In other words, bad behavior will generate and be met by bad behavior. What you put out there is what you get back.

Otherwise, if you can use restraint in your behavior, your contrary views will be tolerated. If this does not set well with other posters that would like to see sholva types gone, I remind you that you need to be more aware that you are communicating with those that you would hope to change just as they wish to change you. This is the place to start working to that end and not be so quick to polarize and react.

Think of it this way and here is a clue. This is the battlefield where the adversaries to truth and this work are initially engaged by those who desire change other than me. Remember, communication works two ways. Think, innovate, and step up if you want to achieve something and I’m not talking about hostile action here. The goal is to change minds, not promote hostility and polarize.

Those trying to work you here are not people at the top, they are just people like you and I and they may even believe that they are on a mission to do right because of their conditioning. If they are wrong, then embrace them and lead them to see it. The ability to communicate is there and so the opportunity is also there. Every mind that can be brought out of the shadows is a success and it's inside their ranks.

So, instead of just reacting and being disturbed, take advantage of the two way communication and turn it on them and thereby those that they serve. Close your ranks and present a unified front and let them see it fully and unmistakenly. That will go a very long way in creating doubt and changing minds.

It is what leading the way forward is all about. Remember too that the prize and the goal is to achieve that unobfuscated visual planetary exploration science data hidden away somewhere in secrecy. The answers will be in there. So never allow yourself to be distracted from that goal.

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