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RE: UFO Landing Sites

Just a quick note as I'm pressed for time. Raël received the design of the embassy from the elohim(hebrew plural meaning those whom come from the sky, mistranslated as a singular g-d), the creators of humanity WELL before that very similar crop circle appeared. Now Yahweh has told Raël he wishes the embassy built in Israel as that is the whole purpose of the Jews recovering the holy land, but the Zionist element has control in Israel and after the Israelis repeating what the Nazis did to them, onto the Palestinians, lets just say that Yahweh is miffed at the State of Israel to put it lightly. I will post time frames for the embassy/crop-circle chronology & provide a link to Raël News with Yahweh's startling message for the people of Israel when I come back tonight. peace...

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Some people believe that patterns (whether it is a crop circle, or a maze, etc) put an energy signature into the ground which can either be helpful or harmful of the life living around it. They believe that it is similar to a sacred symbol which has a particular type of energy. World religions have been using this subconsciously too. Maybe this is why the government has taken an interest in it - because they know or believe this also?



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I really was fascinated by Skippers reports on the covert air fields and the types of craft that could possibly land there.

I've already posted some ideas of what the craft could look like, and it was during the past month while I was working on the post that synchronicity came into play.

I am taking any coincidences very seriously at the moment so I followed up on my ideas and hence this post...

The first coincidence was an extremely amusing story related by the owner of a maze development called Soekershof ( in a very remote area of South Africa. Soekershof is fascinating and well worth a visit if you are ever in the area, which is highly unlikely as I have already pointed out it is remote. We were talking about a front page headline story a few years ago involving the property and the US goverment. It appears the secrecy agenda raised an alarm about Soekershof being potentially dangerous. Now this is absolutely ludicrous and hysterical for the following reasons
1. Soekershof is in the middle of nowhere and consists of a group of mazes and some sculptural elements. The mazes are lined with cactus plants.
2. The Google Earth image is seven years old, I have included it below so you can see the outline of the mazes but as you will see they certainly don't look threatening.
3. If the US agency that raised the alarm were looking at the Google Earth images I cannot imagine why they would have been worried, the fact is that they were not using Google Earth, they were obviously examining other satellite images when an alarm went off. See articles at;++media&id=4d5c05b92d554d5e73e2b825ff7b2ab3
4. What would cause the AI/humanoid that examines these images IMHO to set off an alarm ?
5. The owner has some tech knowledge and it was a case of a VERY bemused Little Brother watching Big Brother watching Little Brother scenario which had us giggling. He knew they were watching him as they kept on hitting his web-site. He says he was told by an official that they were now using him as a case study for new recruits.
6. What were these 'image-identification' recruits looking for ? What shapes were they identifying as being so threatening ?

The only conclusion that I could reach is that they were looking for a specific shape on the surface and the maze conformed to this shape.

The second coincidence occured when I was directed towards a site concerning the Raelian Movement Interesting reading. In a nutshell, the originator of the movement had direct alien contact and was instructed to build an embassy for the aliens following very specific designs (see and )

The moment I saw the design, and a crop circle believed to be part of a message regarding the design something clicked. Lets call it synchronicity....

This is the 7 year old Google Earth image of Soekershof, you can just see the outlines of the mazes in the bottom right hand part of the maze. Look carefully at those shapes.


This is an artists impression of the Raelian Embassy design


This is an aerial view of the crop circle which shows the Embassy design


This is an image from Mars Anomaly Research that I have angled to roughly the same angle as the crop circle


Now is it just my imagination or do you see the similarities.

Can you, like me, imagine an AI analysing spy satellite images with a program instructing it to identify shapes that are similar to this. Can you imagine that alarm bell ringing when it reaches Soekershof (ok I am still giggling about that)....

But most of all, can you imagine why this airfield was built by the US government in the middle of nowhere. Have they built an Embassy for the aliens that the Raelian Movement have described ?

If so, why are they identifying any similar designs as potential threats ?

Surely anyone on the planet is free to build an Embassy should they so desire.....

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