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Moving right on ....

The Parthfinder preparation photo shows us that there is only one  place that the little surface explorer fits and that is under the US flag and JPL logo. The ramps fold out from this area allowing the machine to leave the mother ship. The ramps are obviously designed in a way that the airbags could not possibly affect their access to the ground or in any way impede the machine from reaching the ground. Look closely at the overhead images and it confirms this. The ramps are clear of airbags. The last image looking back at the ramp clearly shows this fact. It is logical to assume that a photo taken from the opposite side should show exactly the same thing, a ramp clearly defined and free of any obstructions.....but it does not.... the image show the ramp end suspended above the ground as though it has got stuck on something ?

Just to put minds at ease, the departure point of the little explorer has the US flag and JPL logo clearly above and behind it on a nice white background. Nice PR for all photos of the first landing wink Moving left around the Pathfinder, the next side has machinery as in Icemans image, moving further around is a NASA logo next to some sort of box and then you're back at the JPL. The Pathfinder is not very big so its important to understand the angle you are looking at it from.

The two images that I posted with the JPL sign are therefore taken from the same angle only a short distance apart. At this angle we should be clearly seeing the other ramp....but where is it ..... its stuck in the air above big billowy airbags not in keeping with the design or even with the photo. 

Look at the photos carefully. They should be almost identical ....but they are not... 

Lets look at the image where we can see the explorer traverse map


...mmm...only a few angles where these images would be possible starting at Sol 39, so lets go to the official web-site at

You can have a look at all of the images here as the machine wanders around the area.

Now lets look at all the rocks that are named and the aerial image.

Aerial billowy airbags at that angle .....

Now you can tell me what you see.....

PS for interests sake I include the picture of the simulation experiment of the pathfinder after the bags had deflated in the test on Earth


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Oh, and just for fun heres an image where all the rocks are named and the source as that is what we are going to be discussing next...



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Hi everyone

I had a busy weekend so I am only just starting to work on the anomaly that Harry posted, but I can already see some discrepancies. I am going to post some images and then hopefully we can all work on them together. When presented with this type of opportunity it is really important to start by doing thorough research into the subject before drawing any conclusions.

The first image is what the airbags would have looked like inflated to give you and idea of size, shape and volume.


The second and most important image to begin with is the Pathfinder as it was being packaged by the scientists


The next few images are views taken from the camara above and on board the pathfinder after the landing. This gives you a really good idea of any rocks in the area and where the airbags are.






We then have the two images that Harry suggested we look at....



The next image is one of the ones taken back of the exit ramp that Iceman referred to


The first discrepancy is immediatel visible, its the airbags. According to the aerial view of the site these should not be there ? There also appears to be some differences in the actual pathfinder itself.

I have downloaded many images and will continue to post them as I have time to examine everything.

I am sure everyone will have some fun dissecting these in the meantime.

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