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RE: Internet Security

Counter, thanks for the tips. Have a nice holiday sun.gif



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Regarding topic and some recent email attacks I would like to suggest couple things.

First posting links.
Instead of posting links to some certain web pages, I suggest that we post content of that page on the forum. Good side of that is, that if there is any threat, not all of you (and sometimes me) will get infected. Bad - it may take some time to post. If we provide links - they should refer to the website that is to large to post. In this case it should be checked by one of the antiexploit webcheckers like the following:

Second - emails.
Most people know, that is unwise to click links in message from uknown sender. All the rest is play to make you click. So - don't click :)
Also, some simple scripts allow changing email headers so that sender can look exactly as the one we know, but isn't. It is very easy to make email look like it came from lets say: So just - be aware. If you are using windows - have antivirus installed.

Third - Windows - do you really need it?
Do you? Most of us use some of Adobe stuff for photo manipulation, and lack of this software for linux gives advantage to windows. But maybe it is worth to switch to linux or to MacOSX? Windows is a one big security hole. I havent met virus on MacOSX, or Linux. Honestly. And I haven't met any of MacOSX or linux users who would. I am using Ubuntu Linux to browse the Internet and I can click any link without geting any infection. Easy and painlessly. U can have two or more systems installed on your computer and for browsing and reading emails use linux instead of windows. And you will not have any problems with viruses, trojans, exploits, phishing and all this windows-philiac crap anymore. I read not that long ago, that they discovered hole in windows, that is unrepairable - they microsoft would have to redisign whole architecture of windows kernel to get rid of it. So be aware that if you are using windows you are exposed for constant threat from those who know how to get to you.
Btw know from whom you bought Windows smile.gif Steve Ballmer is CEO of Microsoft and in my opinion he fully represents what he sells :) smile.gif

Forth if you stick with windows - get antivirus. As to my knowledge one of the best ones is NOD32, but I was using Kaspersky before and it is also very good av software, very often updated. As to Avast - yes, it's free - but does it make it more reliable? I don't think so. If you can afford it - don't be cheap. That's it for now.

I am going for holiday for 2 weeks, so will be here less often if at all for that time, so I will leave you at peace for that time, no more links causing false-positive alerts in Avast from me w00t.gif

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